Freedom Isn't Free
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Freedom Isn't Free"

Scripture Reading: Hebrews 9:15


Give children a small flag to RUN back and forth, wherever the teacher tells the class to run to, whether it be to a tree, a small garden, a chair, a church ramp, a toy or a building, etc. Children can run in groups or all at once, as teacher desires. Tell children to shout FREEDOM as they run!


Divide the children into teams and hide a flag for each team. The teams will go together, arm in arm, to HUNT for and capture their own flag. If the teacher wants to change the idea of the game, then the teams can hunt for the other team's flag and bring that flag back to the teacher. Make sure the flags say MEN AND WOMEN FOUGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM, or JESUS DIED ON THE CROSS FOR MY FREEDOM.


Let children sing ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS and march around a designated area, with different children being the leader as the marching continues. Children will raise their flags high as they march and sing to songs that the teacher may choose.


Give children supplies to draw a flag and write words from our lesson today -- either a CROSS on their flag or our country's flag design. Add/tape a thin wooden dowel rod to the edge of the flag and let children FLY their flags around the room or up and down a hallway, displaying their artwork about FREEDOM.


Let the children divide into teams or the group as a whole as the teacher questions the children. If teams, then each team will ask the other team what is free but if the teacher, then that leader will ask all the children as a group. The teacher or team will as a question such as IS WIND FREE? ARE MY HUGS FREE? IS ELECTRICITY FREE? IS GASOLINE FREE? ARE SMILES FREE? Let all the children have a turn at answering a FREE question. Let children discuss today's less that FREEDOM is not FREE!


Roll out a very LONG piece of butcher paper on the floor or a long classroom table. Children can write in very LARGE letters.. F R E E D O M. Children will enjoy painting and decorating their FREEDOM banner with bright colors and letters. Make sure some children write words from today's lesson about FREEDOM is not FREE, JESUS DIED TO GIVE US FREEDOM; etc. Hang the banner in a very prominent place for all other classes to see and enjoy.


Children can be given small pieces of paper to make into a THANK YOU booklet that can be shaped like a flag and the front of the booklet can be decorated like a Christian Flag. Each page can have stickers, crosses, hearts, and words to thank those responsible for our freedoms and a thank you to Jesus for dying for our sins, as well.


Write in bright letters down the left side of a poster board for F-R-E-E-D-O-M and let children take turns giving a word or words for each letter that would teach more about FREEDOM in our country or in our lives. Older children will enjoy writing a word next to each letter of their own acrostic paper, if desired, instead of doing this project as a class.


Each child can be given a small bell to ring as they walk or skip or hop around a room, but when the teacher says, STOP, everyone freezes until the teacher says to LET FREEDOM RING and then children may continue to ring their bells. Whoever has a bell that rings last, will sit down and continue to play until all children are sitting. Then children can sing a couple of songs while ringing their bells.


The teacher can give the children any snack that is desired but let children know that they can come to the teacher for a FREE snack... or if teacher would like to add that the snacks are NOT FREE, but can be bought with a hug or a smile! :-)

Song: "Stop! and Let Me Tell You" Author Unknown

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This song is in the public domain and can be freely downloaded and reproduced for ministry purposes