Giving Him Your Best Group
Group Activities

Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams

Sermon Title: "Giving Him Your Best"

Scripture Reading:  John 12:1-8

GIVE YOUR BEST GAME: Divide the children into teams and each team can be in opposite parts of the room or designated area. The teacher will shout out an instruction such as DO YOUR BEST JUMPING, HOPPING, SKIPPING, SINGING, SMILING, TWIRLING. Children will all do their BEST together until the whistle blows and another command is given.

WHAT IS THE BEST: The children will walk around a designated area and look at items that the teacher has placed on tables, walls or on the floor. Each group of items will have a piece of paper by the items for the children to put their initials or a mark of some sort to show WHICH ITEM IS THE BEST one. Children will enjoy looking at items and marking what THEY think is best. Suggested items could be 2 different flowers, 2 different pencils, 2 different candies, 2 different glasses, 2 different socks or shoes, 2 pictures, 2 items of food, etc.

MY MOST PRIZED POSSESSION VIDEO: Give children a piece of paper to draw a picture or write words about their most "prized possession". Then take one minute for each child to be recorded on a video recorder or a mobil phone as they describe their most prized possession. The children will enjoy watching their video recording when completed!

BOTTLED BIBLE VERSE: Give each child an empty toilet paper roll and let them cover it with pretty wrapping paper to make it look like a perfume bottlle. Let children use markers to write at the very top of the "bottle of perfume - toilet paper roll" whatever name they'd like to give to their own perfume bottle (such as Midnight Delight, Rose Petals, Coffee Brew, Fishlips, or anything silly or serious from child's imagination). Give a piece of paper to each child with today's Bible verse written on it to glue or tape to the decorated toilet paper roll. This will help children to remember today's story.

FEET WASHING: Let the children choose a partner and wipe each other's feet with wet wipes or wash clothes. Add some lotion to each other's feet or spray with inexpensive perfume/cologne. Ask questions about today's story. Who washed Jesus' feet? How did she dry his feet? What Jesus said about his foot washing!

CLAY PRIZE POSSESSIONS: Give each child some play dough or molding clay to form their own prize possession. Set the "possession in clay" art on a small piece of construction paper to let it dry out. Let children write on the construction paper, what the prized possession is and why it is special to them and sign their name on the paper.

CLASS SKIT TIME: Let the children put on a skit about today's story with children taking turns at being Mary (someone with long hair or a wig), Martha, Lazarus, Jesus, Judas. Have items for the skit such as dinner items or a table, perfume, foot cleaning material, etc. If this skit can be recorded, the children will enjoy watching the lesson unfold as they put on the skit. The teacher or a student can narrate the story.

BODY TRACING: Divide the children into pairs. Give each child a long piece of block paper, if available, and let them lie down on the paper while their partner traces their outling. Then children can color their drawing and hang it on the wall of the Sunday School classroom. Let children write I'LL GIVE HIM ME, or I'LL GIVE JESUS MY BEST on their drawing. If butcher paper is not available, then each child could have a piece of paper and draw the other child on the paper, with a nametag (from another color or type of paper) on each drawing that will say, I'LL GIVE JESUS MY BEST and let the children color or decorate their drawing.

GIFT BOXES: Give each child a small box and some wrapping paper and a bow. Have the children draw a picture of a cross and a heart and write THE GIFT OF EVERLASTING LIFE that is FREE but cost JESUS HIS LIFE! Fold the art work up and place in box and then wrap with the wrapping paper and ribbon and a bow! This can be given to someone that the child wants to tell about Jesus. To make it more inviting and exciting for the children, they could tape the words of GIFT OF EVERLASTING LIFE, JESUS, FREE, etc to pieces of bubble gum, and then place in the gift box and wrap.

HEART BUTTONS: Give the children a piece of foam or construction paper to draw a small heart and cut it out and write GIVE JESUS MY BEST and tape or pin the heart "button" on their clothes.


BEST SNACK TREAT: The teacher can put out several snack items on a long table - 2 by 2. Children can go to the table and take what they feel is the "BEST snack" of the 2 and enjoy. Then they can go to the next 2 snacks and take the "BEST snack" again. The teacher can have 4 areas, or teacher's choice for how many choices of snacks will be available to the children.

Song:  "Our Best " by Grant Colfax Tullar

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Song:  "Service Song" by Ralph Merrifield - Used by Permission

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Carol and her husband have served churches in Illinois, Minnesota, Mississippi, Michigan, and Indiana.  Carol loves to work with children so you will find her teaching in Junior Church and children's Sunday School.  She also has clowning ministry in which she is known as Bubbles tc (the clown).
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