Go and Make Disciples
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Go and Make Disciples"

Scripture Reading: Matthew 28:16-20


Let each child wear a decorated banner that can be taped to the child from the shoulder and slanted across the child's body for display. Children can trace or draw GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES on their banners! For added emphasis, ALL the children can sign each other banners if they, indeed, want to be one of Christ's DISCIPLES!


Leader will have children stand in a line against the wall and begin to tell children that JESUS says to GO and ____________, or GO and _____________, etc. If JESUS says to do it, then the children can attempt to obey the command, (ex: GO and PRAY, GO and read your Bible, GO and quote your Bible verse today, GO and give someone a hug, etc). If JESUS doesn't say to GO, then the children will stand still until the next command. This can lead into our Bible lesson today. (Teacher can let children take turns at this "Simon Says-type-game").


Purchase a visor cap for each child. Let them write JOHN 3:16 on their caps with fabric pens, as well as decoration. Other children could sign their names on each other caps for those who know and believe John 3:16!


Take turns uncovering words on the puzzle poster board (prepared ahead of classtime by writing the Bible verse out and covering a word or a phrase with small pieces of paper), to give the words of our Bible Verse today! As each group of words are displayed, let children try to figure out what the verse says. If they can't, then have another child uncover some more words. (Use today's Bible verse and tell the children what they will know today at the end of our class time).


When the leader or "it" has found someone in the "hide and seek" game, they will tell that person to GO and get a treat to give to someone else. The treats can be hidden as well so those children who have been found will still enjoy NOW "seeking" the treats as well!!


One person who is "it" will GO and FIND someone. Then the TWO of them will GO and FIND the next person but cannot let go of each other. When the third person is found, the 3 of them will GO and FIND the next person, but holding hands and not disconnecting until all children are FOUND!


Children can make bracelets with lettered beads if available and if time allows, OR children can make a construction paper bracelet that they have written DISCIPLE OF JESUS on and this can be taped to the child's wrist, to remind them of their lesson today.


Teacher can lay a long runner of paper down the middle of the classroom table and give children markers and stickers, etc, to make a JOHN 3:16 banner for the classroom wall. The Bible verse can be written on the banner, as well, as stickers or pictures of hearts, crosses, etc. Some children may enjoy writing John 3:16's words along the edges of the banner several times! For added fun, let children see if they can ALL fit their names inside the "O" of the word, JOHN. Tell children they at ALL "disciples" of Jesus if they believe and claim John 3:16 and want to be "followers" of Jesus!

Song: "I Love to Tell the Story" by Katherine Hankey & William G. Fischer

Words and music (pdf)

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This song is in the public domain and may be freely downloaded and reproduced for ministry purposes.