Here's Mud in Your Eye
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Here's Mud in Your Eye"

Scripture Reading: John 9:1-41


If the teacher knows someone who is blind, perhaps that person would be willing to come to the class to share their testimony about being blind with the children.


Have the children hold on to one another's waists and walk around a designated area following the teacher on a BLIND WALK. To make the BLIND WALK a little more fun, the teacher might skip, jump, run, or ho and tell children if they let go of the person's waist in front of them, they must drop out and watch the fun as it continues and can be a helper in seeing who else lets go of someone's waist!


Have the children draw one BIG closed eye on the top of a sheet of paper paper and with one BIG opened eye underneath. Between the two eyes, have the children write, "I WAS BLIND BUT NOW I CAN SEE" and add our Bible verse today.


If you have a chalkboard, blindfold two children at a time and have the children draw a picture of the teacher's choosing. It will be fun for the children to see what they drew while blindfolded, and it'll also be fun for the class to watch them draw the picture. If a chalkboard is not available, this could also be done individually on a sheet of paper. (Some suggestions might include draw a heart, a cross, a house or a church.)


Let each child enjoy a "touch and feel bag" of goodies. With eyes closed, they can feel inside the bag and try to identify each item.


Give each child a small amount of chocolate pudding (to represent the mud on the blind man's eyes) on a piece of paper and let them finger paint a picture of their choice, or a cross (for Jesus) or a heart (for God's love).


The teacher should have some helium filled balloons with a string attached floating around the room. Blindfold all the children and let them "find" one of the balloons. As an option, when a child finds a balloon, you could have them step on the balloon to make it pop. This could be like a "blind relay race" to see who can find and pop their balloon the quickest! The teacher could put a small piece of candy inside each balloon so that as soon as the child pops the balloon, they can remove their blindfold and find their piece of candy.


The teacher will have a designated area with 3 or 4 items that will be shown to the children before they are blindfolded. (This could be done with the whole class at once or with a few children at a time). After being blindfolded, the teacher will tell them to "wander" to one of the areas, such as ... to the piano... or to the coloring table... or to the big stuffed bear.... or to the fish tank, etc. Have the child or children "wander" back and forth from place to place, first as BLIND and then play the wandering game much faster with their 'sight'!


Have children take off their shoes and put them in a pile at the end of the playing area. The children will then be blindfolded one at a time and will run to the shoe pile and try to find their own shoes. For younger children, have the children remove ONE shoe instead of both shoes. They could then feel of their own shoe to know which shoe to choose to match it.

Song: "Open My Eyes that I May See"

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Song: "Amazing Grace"

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