In God We Trust
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "In God We Trust"

Scripture Reading: Genesis 22:1-14


Print the letters for T-R-U-S-T alongside a large poster board and let children write words for each letter that will be about our TRUST story today. (For example: T=touch or teach; R=ram or real; U=unbelieveable or understanding; S=sacrifice or Savior; etc).


Lay a long roll of paper in the middle of the table for children to draw on. Have children write today's Bible verse along all the edges of the paper and then draw pictures of things or people that they trust! After all the drawings are completed, the teacher can take a BRIGHT colored marker and write JESUS across the roll of pictures!


The teacher can lead the children in a TRUST WALK. Along the way, the teacher will say such things as, "Everyone sit on one of these chairs... do you TRUST it to hold you up", or "Do you trust this door to open and let you through", or "Do you trust this refridgerator to keep your drinks cold" (and hand each child a cold juice box and a cookie might be nice at this time), or "stand here in one spot and do you trust your legs to hold you up", or "While we're outside and looking side to side, do you trust your eyeballs to move with the fluid around them so you can see everything?", etc! Ideas for this can be MANY and then have children sit down on the ground and talk about things that we can TRUST GOD to do every day in our lives!


Give children modeling clay or small rocks and let them build an 'altar' and place a toothpick mini-sign in the altar that can say "offer a sacrifice to God"! This could be done individually or together as a class for a larger altar to help the children to remember today's story.


Give each child a piece of paper and glue. Let children draw a large mountain on their picture and sprinkle a small amount of sand over the glue on that mountain! Write over the mountain, TRUST GOD, or HAVE FAITH THAT GOD WILL PROVIDE! For added "details" on the mountain, grass clippings or small flowers could be glued to the Mountain picture to be taken home and reminded each day that GOD PROVIDES!!


Give children beads to make a necklace. Lettered beads can be added to the other colorful beads for T-R-U-S-T G-O-D. These beads can be purchased at any store with a craft section.


Give children various colors of chalk and let children take turns at adding to the picture as they see fit. First child could draw the mountain in our story; second child could draw part of an altar, third child could finish the altar, fourth child could draw Abraham, and continue the picture while telling the story again!

Song: "Trust and Obey" by Daniel B. Towner

Words and music (pdf)

MP3 Piano Accompaniment - Right click to download to your computer.

This song is in the public domain and can be freely downloaded and reproduced for ministry purposes.