In the Potter's Hands
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "In the Potter's Hands"

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 64: 1-9


Before class time, the teacher can form a clay ball and allow to dry completely. Children can divide into teams and do a game of "bowling" with the clay ball and trying to roll the clay ball and hit at the light weight objects that the teacher has placed away from the line of children.


The teacher can have two teams (one girl team and one boy team if desired) and the same body parts in a pile on the table at the other side of the room. Each team will need a wall to tape the body parts on the wall, as well as masking or clear tape. When the teacher says, GO, the first child will run to the table and find the head and tape to the wall. That child will run quickly back to the team and the next team player will run up to the table and find the neck and shirt and tape to the head on the wall; the next player can find the arms and tape to the wall; then find the pants or skirt and tape to the wall; then the legs, etc. The winning team are the "potters" who get the body together first. These body parts do not have to be perfect - just a similar "look" of each part and bright colors. The children will enjoy seeing their body together at the end of the game. If teacher desires, a picture could be taken with each team and their POTTER game.


The teacher can scatter all colors and sizes of hearts all around a designated area. The children can take turns running to the heart area and getting ONE heart and running back and taping on a poster board with today's Bible verse written on it. Children will continue to find hearts and tape onto the poster board until all the hearts have been found. Let children gather in a circle around the heart board and read today's Bible verse and tell today's story. Let them know we need a SOFT heart that God can work with as the Potter!


Provide children various colors of clay and have children form a "person" as the teacher tells them what color to form into a certain part of the body - such as "Children, take your yellow clay and form the head," and then take the blue clay and form a shirt and attach to the head; take the red clay and form the pants or skirt, etc. Children will enjoy watching each other forming the clay as they are the "potters" like in today's Bible story.


Let children form a vase or bowl or plate to let dry and take home the next week. Children could be encouraged to shape their bowl like a heart if desired. Children can use paints to decorate their potters bowl, if desired and take the bowls home.


Give children markers and paper to trace their hands. Children can then trace the outside of their hands with a bright colored marker and write inside the hand prints... "WE ARE IN HIS HANDS". Children can cut a large circle around the hand prints and glue or tape onto a piece of construction paper.


Children can color a paper plate and just trim the lower edge of the plate to form a point at the bottom so the plate will look like a heart shape. Children can draw smaller hearts on the paper plated heart and words from today's lesson about having a soft heart so God can mold us for His Glory.




Each child could be given a heart cookie to decorate with frosting and little red hot hearts to add to the top.

Song: "Into My Heart"

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Song: "Have Thine Own Way, Lord"

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