King David's Prayer
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "A Heart Check"

Scripture Reading: Psalms 51:10


Let children draw and cut out a large BLACK heart and a large WHITE heart. Write SIN in white letters on the BLACK heart. Decorate the large white heart with shiny materials (mirrors, foil, white sequins or white glitter, etc) and write CLEAN HEART.


Give children large/long pieces of paper and divide the class into groups of two. Let children have supplies to draw each other. Have the children give their team mate the picture that they drew of them. Then each child will draw and decorate a red heart on the left side/heart side of their drawing and will either take home or hang in the classroom or a hall way. Write their name on the shirt of the drawing as well and title the page, GOD KNOWS MY HEART!


Have a stethoscope available for children to hunt for each other's beating heart. Children can also have fun finding someone else's pulse on their wrist. After the Bible story today, have children what HEART the Bible is talking about.


The teacher can cut two matching pieces of material and stitch around the edges and leave just a small opening for children to add navy beans (or other choices) to the bag and stitch the heart bean bag closed. Extra adults or teens would be helpful to have available to stitch the bean bags closed.


Before class begins, hide some hearts in Bible's around the room. Each heart can have a word from today's Bible verse and children will find their verse hearts IN the Bibles in the designated areas. If there are enough children, the class can be divided into two teams to HUNT for the hearts. IF they find a heart but already have that word of the verse, then they must put it back in the Bible for the other team to find. Children can help their own team to find all the words and put them in order and see which team can complete AND "SAY" the verse together!


Children can cut out several hearts of various sizes and glue together, side by side. Write today's Bible verse on the hearts and tape on a window.


Make a sticker book with many different heart stickers and our Bible verse written out, as well as other phrases/ideas from today's lesson, such as GOD KNOWS YOUR HEART, GOD FIXES HEART PROBLEMS, GOD LOOKS ON THE INSIDE, etc.


The teacher can have a HEART shaped cake baked and ready for class. The teacher can have the cake frosted and write CLEAN HEART FOR JESUS. Let each child use a frosting gel tube and write their names on the cake. Recite our Bible verse and enjoy a piece of the heart cake!

Song: "Cleanse Me"

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Song: "Since Jesus Came Into My Heart"

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