King for a Day
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "King for a Day"

Scripture Reading: Mark 11:1-11


Have many crowns cut out and piled up on a line for children to run to and put their crown on their head and run back to their team for the next player to run and get a crown. Children can then wear their crown for the rest of the Sunday School class time. If the crowns are just plain paper, the children can then do a crown craft to decorate their crown.


Let children get into groups of two. One child will be a "donkey" and the other child will ride the "donkey" classmate until the teacher blows a whistle or says to change places. Let children change back and forth from being a "donkey" and a rider several times.


Write words from the Bible verse today on many "crowns" that have been cut out. Hide the crowns and let the children go on a "crown hunt" and then piece the Bible verse together and tape on the wall or a poster board.


Give children supplies to draw and cut out medium size palm branches. Glue the palm branches onto a piece of construction paper and let children write JESUS IN MY KING FOREVER!


Children can be given supplies to draw and cut out large palm branches and WAVE the branches as the teacher tells today's Bible story. Let children take turns waving their branches while they tell a certain part of the story. Let all the children march around an open area and shouting HOSANNA IN THE HIGHEST! BLESSED IS HE WHO COMES IN THE NAME OF THE LORD, while waving their palm branches!


Let children decorate their crown from the "crown relay" or from a crown given to the children if the relay wasn't played in class today. Give children sequins and glue, stickers and markers to write HOSANNA IN THE HIGHEST, etc on their crowns to wear to the following church service today.


Give children a very LONG piece of narrow paper to write LORD OF MY LIFE, or HOSANNA TO THE KING, etc. and place over the child's shoulder and tape together under the child's arm so form a sash. Let children march around the classroom, repeating today's Bible verse together. If there is a camera availabe, this would make a great picture for the children with their crowns and sashes!


Hide many little cut outs of palm branches. Each child can find ONE palm branch and bring it to the teacher for the "treat" that is written on one side of the branch. If the teacher wants it to be a "surprise treat", then the teacher can number code each branch, such as #1 is M & M's, and #2 could be a candy bar, #3 marshmallow egg, etc. When the children bring their branch to the teacher, they will receive the treat that corresponds to the number on their branch.

Song: "Ho-ho-ho-hosanna"

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