Lesson In Forgiveness Group
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Interactive Group Activities
by Laurie Juarez

Sermon Title: "A Lesson in Forgiveness"

Scripture Reading: Luke 7:36-50



A great book that help teaches forgiveness is entitled “Down the Road”. It’s about a little girl who is given the responsibility to go buy some eggs. She walks to the store, buys them then very, very carefully walks back home. On the way, she accidentally drops them all. She’s so upset she climbs a tree. Her father gets worried and goes looking for her. At this point in the story I talk to the children – what did she do? Why is she hiding? And most importantly – What do you think the father is going to do. I’ve read this to a group twice and both times, all the children responded – he’s going to get mad. They were all surprised! FORGIVENESS. Wonderful illustration for the children.

What should you do? Let the children act out the following scenarios, then ask them what they could do to make it better. If you have older children they may be able to come up with some more that they have seen or experienced.

“You are playing outside at school with a few of your friends. You’re in the middle of a game when a child comes up and asks if he or she can play with you. All of you say – No. The child walks away with his head down.” You hurt his feelings—now how can you fix it?

“You are at home and are watching TV. You are at the best part of the show when your mom comes in and asks you to wash your hands and get ready for dinner. You don’t move. After a minute she comes back in and sees you still sitting there. She gets upset and tells you wash your hands immediately and turn off the TV. Your show is almost over so you sit there and finish watching it. The next time she comes in the room you get in big trouble!” You messed up by not listening to your mom—now how can you fix it?

“You invite some friends over to play at your house. You are outside playing around pretending to be pirates. You have sticks you are pretending are “swords” and you are pretending to “fight”. You know you are just pretending and should be careful, but you swing it at your friend’s face anyway. Your friend starts crying.” You hurt your friend—now how can you fix it?

A Reminder of what we should do: Sometimes we need a little reminder of what we should do. Most of the time, it’s easier to do the wrong thing! But God wants us to do the right thing. When you know you’re doing something you’re not supposed to, Remember Stop. Then Think about how you (U) can make it better (RSTU). Get some letter beads, some decorative beads, a string or yarn to string the beads and a key chain. String them in alphabetical order – R (remember) S (stop) T (Think) U (you fix it). Then let them put the decorative beads on. They can hook it on their book bag!

RE-ENACT: This is a great story to let the children re-enact – whether you have a small group or large. You need one to play Jesus, one to play the Simon the Pharisee and one for the woman. You can also have others be at the party. You could also have someone read the story. You can skip the “teaching” by Jesus or you let three others act out that part of the story.


Song: Oh, How I Love Jesus

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About Laurie Juarez
Laurie graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in 1999 and, after working two years with special need preschoolers, she went to Moyobamba, Peru as a missionary. In Peru, she met and married Noe Juarez. After moving back to the United States, she attended Union Presbyterian seminary where she received her masters in Christian education. Laurie has served as a DCE in two churches in North Carolina and currently serves as a part time DCE in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida church where her husband is the pastor.
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