Living A Fruitful Life Group
Group Activities

Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams & Charles Kirkpatrick

Sermon Title: "Living a Fruitful Life"

Scripture Reading:  Luke 13:1-9

BIBLE VERSE RELAY: Divide the children into two teams. Each team member will take a turn running to their Bible verse basket and taking one strip of words from from today's Bible verse and run quickly back to the team. Team members will continue to run and select a strip of words until all the strips are gone. The team will then gather together in a circle and put the Bible verse together in the correct order on the floor. The first team to get the Bible verse in the correct order will win the game and will READ THE VERSE out loud to the class.

FRUIT TREE RELAY: The teacher will draw different kinds of fruit on construction paper and cut it out before class begins. Be sure there is one of each type of fruit for each team. The fruit will be hidden around the room. Divide class into teams. When the teacher says -- FIND THE BANANA -- the entire team can hunt for one banana and run back to their starting area. Continue with finding fruits such as FIND THE APPLE, FIND THE ORANGE, FIND THE MANGO, FIND THE GRAPES, etc. After each "fruit find", the team will return. Each fruit can have a word from our Bible lesson today and children can tape their fruit to a poster board tree that has been made for each team after their fruit has been found. Children will enjoy watching their FRUIT TREE get more and more fruit with all the fruit that they are finding.

FRUIT PUZZLES: Let the children draw a large piece of fruit on a piece of construction paper. Cut around the outside tracing of the fruit. Write fruits of the Spirit on their fruit (love, joy, peace, etc). Then the children will cut their puzzle into 5-10 pieces (Depending on age of children. Older children could cut the puzzle into more pieces) The children can then then exchange their puzzle pieces with another child to let that child try to put the puzzle together. Children will enjoy watching another child put their puzzle together. If time allows, let children put their own puzzle together once again and glue the completed puzzle to a piece of construction paper or poster board.

WATERMELON FRISBEE: Give each child paper plate. Use GREEN watercolor or tempera paint to paint around the edge of the plate. Use RED watercolor or tempera paint to paint the center of the plate. Use black paint to paint seeds in the red area of the plate. When all of the paint is dry, the children can enjoy tossing their watermelon Frisbee around the room.

POPSICLE STICK APPLE CORE CRAFT: The children will begin by gluing three jumbo Popsicle sticks together. Set them aside to dry while they cut two semicircles to form the top and bottom of the apple. Glue one semicircle at the top of the Popsicle sticks and the other at the bottom. On the center stick, use a black marker to draw apple seeds. Cut out a stem from some brown construction paper and leaf from green construction paper at glue them to the back of the Popsicle sticks. (See illustration here.)

HIDDEN FRUITY PUZZLE: Write today's Bible verse on a piece of poster board. Cover the words with pictures of fruit from a magazine or fruit that the teacher has drawn and cut out. Let the children call out a fruit to be taken off the board and try to say the Bible verse. If unable to recite the verse, then another child can ask for a fruit to be removed from the board Continue until the children can read all of the verse.

FRUIT BEARING CHRISTIANS: Divide the children into pairs. Give each pair a piece of paper that they can try to draw a person (looking at each other for ideas of hair, face, clothes, etc) and cut the outline of the "person". Have the children write on their drawn person, "FRUIT BEARING CHRISTIAN" and write words that represent bearing fruit, such as, WORSHIPS REGULARLY, READS GOD'S WORD, PRAYS, SHARES JESUS WITH OTHERS, LOVING, JOYFUL, ETC. Tape the drawn people to the classroom wall.

SHARE A FRUITY SNACK: Have samples of fresh fruit for children to enjoy, or dried fruit or fruity candy snacks. Have children take turns naming a fruit of the Spirit, or go around in a circle, saying the fruits of the Spirit as quickly as they can and go faster and faster!

Song:  "The Fruit of the Spirit" by Charles Kirkpatrick

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