Loving God, Loving Each Other
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "I'm Number One"

Scripture Reading:Matthew 22:34-40


Play this game with certain boxes with words from today's lesson, especially the word LOVE. Each time a child has a turn, the leader will tell the child which word to NOT jump on. Speed the game up as time goes on as children line up and take their turn.


Write the word LOVE on slips of paper or other items and hide them in a designated area. Tell the children the boundaries of the scavenger hunt area and give them a time limit as a team or as individuals as time and size of the group permits.


Divide the children into teams and each team will have a poster to run to, one team player at a time. When it is their turn, they will run to the poster and write the word LOVE with a marker that will be provided. Continue running back and forth until time is up. The team that writes the word LOVE on their poster the most times will be the winner!


The children will trace two identical hearts, cut them out and use markers and stickers to decorate them. Write the word LOVE several times on the back and front of their heart in both large and small letters. Punch holes around the edge of the heart and lace in and out of the holes with colorful yarn. Before closing the final holes with yarn, stuff some tissues into the heart to make it puffy.


Provide the children with a paper plate and construction paper to cut out mini hearts to tape or glue around the border of the paper plate. Color the plate and write GODS LOVE in the middle, and other words from today's lesson or Bible verse. Hang the plate by a yarn loop at the top.


Blow up many balloons before class time and place a slip of paper in each balloon with words from today's Bible verse or prayer. As the children break their balloon , they will begin to put the words in order on a poster board or on the table.


Write today's Bible verse can on a chalk board. Have the children recite the verse several times together and then the leader will begin erasing a word here and there as the children try to recite the verse without those words. See if any children can recite the verse with all the words erased and give a small prize to those who can recite the entire verse.


Give the children construction paper and some type of small noodles to glue onto the paper to spell out GOD'S LOVE in noodles. As an alternative, a happy face made with noodles would be great on their paper as well!


Give each child a cupcake and a tube of frosting gel. As Children sit in order, have them write one letter on their cupcake with the gel tube to spell the word or words the teacher has written on the chalk board. The words may vary depending on the size of the class. Suggested words are as GOD'S LOVE, LOVE ONE ANOTHER. The children would enjoy having a picture taken of them holding up their cup cakes to spell the words. Hang the picture in the classroom!! And then EAT AND ENJOY the cupcake!

Song: "Love One Another" by Charles Kirkpatrick

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