Noah: A Rainbow of Promise
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "A Rainbow of Promise"

Scripture Reading: Genesis 9:8-17


ONE child will have a large cut out of a colorful rainbow from poster board. This will be a game of tag. Other children will run after the rainbow until someone tags the "rainbow" and then that child will hand the rainbow to the next child and continue to run and tag each other, as time allows.


This will be played like "pin the tail on the donkey" but the teacher will use the same rainbow cut out as used in the first game of RAINBOW TAG.. and will place the rainbow on the wall. Children will be blindfolded and will take turns pinning a cut out rain DROP onto the rainbow. The teacher can give points for the raindrops pinned on each color -- such as the red could be 10 points, the blue could be 20 points, the yellow could be 5 points, etc.


The teacher can have many curved and colored arches for a rainbow hidden around a designated area. The children can each go to hunt for one rainbow arch and bring it back to the classroom and tape together to form a rainbow. The child who finds a rainbow arch with today's Bible verse or words such as GOD IS FAITHFUL IN KEEPING HIS PROMISES, will receive a bonus treat and place that rainbow arch at the top of this rainbow.


Children can trace and cut out 5 of their own hands and color each hand in a different bright color of magic marker or crayons. Then the children will tape the hands together in an arch formation and glue or tape to a piece of paper. Children can write words from today's lesson on their hand rainbow.


Give each child a piece of paper and some blobs of finger paint to form a rainbow picture. Use finger to write, PROMISES, or other words from today's lesson, on their finger painting artwork.


Let children weave a ring with plastic string or just take thin paper and wrap around child's finger and tape, after children have colored their ring paper or use colored construction paper. Remind children of the illustration of the wedding band and the reminder of a very special promise that was made.


After the teacher has told the story about Noah and the ark, children can be given small pieces of paper (2"x2") to draw animals on each paper. Provide children with an ark shape piece of construction paper to tape their animals to and let children tell the story again together, as the teacher asks questions about the story. Make sure children have several pieces of paper in order to make TWO of the same type of animal for each animal they draw.


Provide children with ink pads and construction paper. Children can make finger prints on an ark shaped piece of construction paper and then add head or legs or tails to their "animal prints". Write words from today's lesson on the animal page, to remind children to thank GOD for being so faithful to keep His promises.


Arky, Arky; THE B-I-B-L-E (see below)


RAINBOW COOKIES... the teacher can give children frosted cookies and let children share the little gel tubes of colored frosting to pass around and form a rainbow on each of their cookies. If time allows and there are enough cookies, children could decorate two or more and share the cookie as they also share the story today with someone else.

Song: "Arky, Arky"

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