Parable of the Talents Group Activity
Group Activities

Game: Matching with the Meaning of “Talent”

In this game, children will be given cards with words written on them. The words describe something that can be seen as a “talent”. They must match up the card with other words to uncover the meaning behind the “talent”.

Instructions: On 8 pieces of paper, write different words that could be seen as describing a “talent”. Examples: Agility, Creativity, Knowledge, Strength, Drawing, Singing, Gardening. Place each piece of paper in a bowl or hat. Have the children form pairs and take turns drawing a piece of paper from the bowl or hat and attempting to match it with another one that describes the same talent.

Craft: “Investing in My Talent” Craft

Children will use provided art supplies to create a diagram representing the Parable of the Talents and how they can use their gifts to honor God.

Instructions: Gather craft supplies such ash colored construction paper, markers, crayons, scissors, and glue. Have each child create a diagram representing the Parable of the Talents. On one side, have them create a picture of three servants with varying amounts of money (talents). On the other side, have them create a chart to represent how they will “invest” their talents to honor God. Be sure to provide general instruction, but allow the children to personalize their chart.

Snack: “Blessing Bites”

In this activity, children will make a blessing snack to remind them of God blessing them with special talents.

Instructions: Provide a variety of snacks for children to combine to create a “blessing bite”. A few examples are graham crackers, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, colored sprinkles, peanut butter, or dried fruit. Have the children combine different snacks to create a unique blessing bite. As they eat it, discuss how God has blessed each of them with special talents.

Craft: Talent Callings

Instructions: Give each student 3 sheets of construction paper. Ask the children to draw the 3 different talents that best reflect their giftedness or callings on each of the 3 pieces of paper. Let them know that these talents do not need to be grand talents, but even simple everyday gifts that they use to honor God. Once they have finished their drawings, have them write scriptures underneath each one to remind them how to use their talents to serve God.

Art Project: Talent Trees

Instructions: Give each student a piece of paper in the shape of a tree. Ask them to draw the tree, filled with colorful doodles, on the paper. Then ask the students to write in their unique talents around the tree. They can emphasize each talent by coloring it in or outlining it with a thicker pen. At the base of the tree have each child write out what Jesus says in Matthew 25:14-30.