Pass the Salt
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Pass the Salt, Please!"

Scripture Reading:Mark 9:38-50


Have all the children form a long line for two teams and at the sound of GO, the children will pass a salt shaker from one to another --- but..... over the head and the next one will go between the legs to pass the shaker and then next will go over the head, etc...until the shaker reaches the last person in line and that person will run to the front and start passing the salt shaker the same way. Continue the game until all the players have been at the starting of the line to pass the shaker. Tell children to say, Pass the Salt please, as they wait for the next player to pass them the salt, over or under!


Send the class children out for an object HUNT to find the objects needed in today's lesson... a salt shaker, brightly colored shirt, a leather belt and a plastic toy. Hide the items in difficult places and then tell the children when they're getting "hot" (close), or "cold" (farther away). Have children form a circle on the floor with the items and then listen to the teacher share today's lesson with those items.


Give children supplies to decorate a large salt shaker with words from today's prayer. Tack to a bulletin board and leave an open space at the top for the words that the children will place in there. Then have children pick words from today's Bible verse out of a basket and put the words into the salt shaker pocket that the children have decorated. After all the words have been said and jumbled in the salt shaker, let the children take turns in taking words OUT of the salt shaker and putting in order on the classroom table.


Give each child an inexpensive plastic salt shaker from any $$ store and provide the Bible verse slip of paper that they can lightly color and tape around the salt shaker. Encourage children to put their salt shaker on their own kitchen tables at home to remind them about adding flavor to their world with GOD's love.


Give each child a paper bag to color and decorate to look like themselves. Add a thin layer of glue and let children sprinkle salt on the top of their bags, to remind them to take their puppet home and be reminded of being the salt to the world. Have children write their name on the bag and write, "I AM CALLED TO BE THE SALT IN THE WORLD.


Let children go on a nature walk if time allows to find some leaves for this craft. Otherwise, the teacher can have some leaves available for children to place a thin layer of glue on the leaves and sprinkle with salt. Tell children how to be salt to the earth and let other's know of God's love. This would be fun for children to be able to do the leaf hunt and the salting outside in the fresh air!


Give each child a picture of a globe of the world. Children could color their world picture and add special places if desired. Then let them spread a thin layer of glue on that globe world and sprinke salt on the world. Hang the "salted world" by yarn around the classroom!


Give each child a large salty pretzel or a twisted pretzel to brush water on the twisted warm pretzel and sprinkle salt on the pretzel for today's SALTY SNACK.

Song: "A Little Bit of Salt"

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Song: "I've Got Peace Like a River


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