Paul Is Transformed
Group Activities

Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams & Charles Kirkpatrick

Sermon Title: "The Transformer"

Scripture Reading: Galatians 1:11-24

TRANSFORMER TEAMS: Divide the class into teams and when the teacher calls out an animal name, the first team will "transform" into that animal -- each child doing the animal or the animal using all the team players, as teacher desires. If time allows, the teams can do individual animals as teacher calls out an animal name and then as a team the second time around.

TRANSFORMING PLAYERS: Let children run around the room as the teacher calls out to run, skip, jump, crawl, etc but to listen carefully so when the teacher calls out to BE PRAYER TRANSFORMERS, the children will DROP TO THEIR KNEES as if praying, until the teacher calls out to run, skip, hop, etc again. Continue to play as time allows.

TRANSFORMING MUSICAL CHAIRS: Play one round of musical chairs in a CIRCLE; then "transform" the chairs into a SQUARE and play again; then "transform" the chairs into a TRIANGLE, etc.

ROOM TRANSFORMERS: Place blocks, or other objects in the middle of a room in a shape or a tall building. Tell small groups of children to run to the middle of the room and TRANSFORM into a square... and another time to transform into a snake form, or a triangle, or to transform the objects into the shape of a chair, or a lamp, or a shoe, etc. Groups will enjoy watching the other teams -- only let each group "transform" for 2 minutes, etc.

NAME TRANSFORMERS: To start this activity - let children first be silly and transform their own names, using ONLY the letters that are in their names but switching the letters around to make a silly name. Then tell children about Saul's name being changed to Paul after he met Jesus and let children make a banner that will hang over their shoulder with a name that might describe a child of God --- such as Faithful, Christian, Believer, or ideas from our lesson today.

TRANSFORMER BOOKLET: Children can cut several similar shapes out of construction paper and connect with a brad or stapled or hole punch and yarn, etc. The title of the booklet can be BE TRANSFORMED. Review the story with the children about Saul's name changing to Paul when he met Jesus. Children can draw pics of Saul and what he did before meeting Christ and on the other pages, they can draw PAUL meeting Jesus and what he did AFTER meeting Jesus. On the final pages of the "transformer booklet", children can draw pictures of themselves doing things that they might do without Jesus in their heart and then draw pictures of themselves while they're serving Jesus after being "transformed".

BEING TRANSFORMED: Give each child a black and a white piece of construction paper and a white and a black crayon or marker (or white chalk). Children can write "DARKNESS WITHOUT JESUS" on the black piece of paper (with white marker/crayon,chalk). On the white paper, use the black marker or crayon and write "TRANSFORMED INTO LIGHT WITH JESUS". Connect the two pieces of paper above each other and hang on the classroom wall.

TRANSFORMING PRAYER BOX: Give children a small box (cereal or shoe box etc) to glue tissue or wrapping paper to. Wrap the lid separately. Children can write MY TRANSFORMING PRAYER BOX. Place a new pen or pencil inside each box as well as note paper for children to write prayer requests and place into the box. Children can take their boxes home and continue to use as they pray each day!

CROSS TRANSFORMATION: Give each child supplies to make a cross transformation - such as a cross cut out and confetti or cut up colored mini paper pieces to glue onto the cross to "transform" it. Children can write on the cross JESUS TRANSFORMS LIVES or THE CROSS TRANSFORMED MY LIFE, and put the paper pieces, glitter, etc around the words.


SHARE A SNACK: Let each child pick a small candy snack and tape to a piece of paper and "transform" the candy into a person - using a marker to add head, feet, arms, etc.

Song:  "Since Jesus Came into My Heart"

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