Peter's Confession of Christ
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Who Am I?"

Scripture Reading:Mark 8:27-30


All the children can form a large circle. One child can be chosen to be in the middle of the circle and blindfolded. The children can raise their hand if they would like to make a sound or sing or an animal noise for the blindfolded child to GUESS WHO they are. Continue to play and give as many children a turn as time allows.


Divide the children into 2 teams. The teacher can have a box of hats and clothes and accessories as desired in each box. The first child of each team will run to the box and dress up with something from the box and ask their team.. WHO AM I? When the team says the right thing, then the next player will come up and choose something different and each team will continue to play until all the players have dressed up.


The children can take turns at the chalkboard with colorful chalk to draw a stick person and other drawings for the class to answer the question... WHO AM I? The child who guesses correctly can run to the chalk board and quickly draw another picture for the class to guess WHO it is? Tell children it can be a cowboy, a mother or father, a teacher, a fireman, policeman, gardener, etc. If the children might have a hard time deciding on one, the teacher could have little slips of paper that the child would pick and then draw what is on the paper.


Provide cans of colorful paint cans and long butcher paper outside on the grass. Children can take turns spray painting the letters to say J-E-S-U-S, as well as spray painting the edges of the paper for a fancy border. This will dry quickly and then can be hung on the classroom wall. Every letter could be a different color!


Children can be given a long piece of construction paper and colorful markers, as well as glitter and stickers. Encourage children to cut out letters from another piece of construction paper (or the teacher can have letters cut out before classtime for children to glue onto the banner paper) and place onto their large banner. Add stickers and also glitter around each large letter for J-E-S-U-S. Children can then write SON OF GOD at the top or bottom of their paper and sign their name as one who BELIEVES that JESUS 'IS' the SON OF GOD!!


The teacher can fix up an envelope for each child, with the letters inside and already cut out for the children to place in the correct order - almost like a puzzle, to say JESUS, SON OF GOD! If children are younger, they could work together in small groups. The first child or the first group that puts it together first can tape theirs to the classroom door. The teacher can write, JESUS, SON OF GOD, on the outside of the envelope so that the children will see and know how the letters are to be when completed.


The teacher can hand a paper out to each child, that has been prepared before class. The title will say, WHO IS THE SON OF GOD? Make sure there are many names on the paper, such as Peter, Zaccheus, John, Elijah, prophet, priest, friend, Pastor, etc.. and also Jesus. Let the children know that they are to circle the correct answer 3 times with a different color marker each time. They can then put a red line across/through all of the wrong answers. All of the names can be at various places on the paper, different angles and areas.


Provide the children with 3 crosses, each one a little smaller than the first, so when the children glue the crosses on top of each other, there will be another cross underneath as the border and a 3D effect. The teacher could also have the bottom cross shape to be cut from a doily or another type of paper, if desired. Children can decorate the cross and write JESUS in bright colors down the middle of the cross. Place a RED ribbon at the top of the book mark to stand for JESUS's blood that He shed for us, as SAVIOR of the world!


"He Is Lord"


"WHO DO YOU SAY THAT I AM" TREATS... the teacher can describe a small treat she sees in her bag of goodies (color of paper or what ingredients are in it, etc). When a child guesses the treat, then they receive that treat and the teacher can continue doing that as time allows for another child to receive a treat, or the teacher can just do it one time and after someone guesses, then the whole class can receive their treat! This will depend on the size of the class.

Song: "He Is Lord"

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