Pharisees Plot Against Jesus Group
Group Activities

Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams

Sermon Title: "The Pharisees Plot Against Jesus"

scripture Reading: Matthew 22:15-22

QUESTION GAME: Have children form a circle. The teacher can begin the game by asking a children a question. Every child has to ask a question to answer the question. Then go on to the next child. Continue the questions with the "tricky questions" from the Bible lesson!

QUESTION RELAY: Children can form two teams if there are many children, or just one group of children to run to a basket and grab a question out of it and answer quickly and then run back to the team and tap the next team player to do the same, until all children have had a chance to answer a question!

"WHAT IS GOD'S" QUESTION GAME: Have children run to a box or basket, one at a time, and stand on a marked line and SHOUT out something that is GOD's! Run back to their team and the next child will run to the marked line and do the same. This will cause children to think about ALL the things that belong to GOD (the child, our parents, our pastor, house, plants, lakes and oceans, birds, animals, friends, our hearts, our money, our church, etc).

FALL 'QUESTION' SOUP: The teacher can have some warm FALL soup made for the class to enjoy or the teacher can have all the ingredients for the children to place into the pot to make the soup to enjoy at the end of class. Ask the children questions about what is IN the soup. Ex: what is long, thin and orange and is a vegetable (carrots); what is round and white and rhymes with tomato (potato); what is tiny and yellow and is sometimes used to make popcorn (corn kernels); what is something that we drink when we're thirsty (water); , etc for all the ingredients in the soup. This is a fun question game but warm and delicious at the end of class, as well!

QUESTION TRAY: Let children take turns being blindfolded and removing ONE item from a QUESTION tray. Then the teacher will ask -- what is it? When the child has guessed, it will be someone else's turn. If the child can NOT guess, then other children can ask them a QUESTION to help them guess! Ask children WHAT THE QUESTION WAS in our Bible story today. Ask children, "What is Caesar's and What is God's"?

COIN ART: Give each child enough pennies to glue in the shape of a question mark or to form the word - GOD! Children can write today's Bible verse on the paper or the question, What do we owe to God? We owe Him our ALL!

WHAT'S IN THE BOX CRAFT: Children can make a small trinket box made out of craft sticks. Make a single layer of craft sticks for the lid of the trinket box. Let children glue some leaves for FALL on the top if desired. Tell children to take the box home and collect coins that they find or earn and every week, they can say WHAT'S IN THE BOX? HOW MUCH MONEY DID I EARN TO GIVE TO JESUS? Children can write today's Bible verse on the box lid, or WHAT DO WE OWE TO GOD? WE OWE HIM OUR ALL!

AUTUMN PLACEMATS: Let children draw or collect outside leaves to place on their colored placemats. Write their own names and words from our lesson today - WHAT DO WE OWE GOD? WE OWE HIM OUR ALL! Cover the placemats with clear contact paper for children to take home and use to decorate their tables during the Fall season.

WHAT IS GOD'S?: The teacher can have very large question marks drawn in "block" style on colored sheets of construction paper, so that children can trace the question mark and then write INSIDE that question mark the things that belong to GOD! Title the page in bright markers, WHAT IS GOD'S? Tell children to write very small and to see how many things they can fit inside that question mark of things that belong to GOD! Make sure that children write their OWN name, or "ME" in the question mark in bright colors!

SHARING A SNACK: Let each child reach inside a bag of treat candies. Before taking their hand out of the bag, the teacher will say - "What is it", and the child will have to guess what the candy type is. If the child is right, he/she may take the candy and eat it. If the teacher wants to take the time, the child could put the candy back in the bag if their guess wasn't correct and try another time, as time allows.


Song:  "Into My Heart " by Harry D. Clark

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Song:  "Give of Your Best to the Master" by Charlotte A. Barnard (adapted)

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This song is in the public domain and may be copied and reproduced for ministry purposes.

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