Rules Are Cool or Rules Are Cruel?
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Rules Are Cool or Rules are Cruel?"

Scripture Reading: Exodus 20:1-17


Great children's books for learning the 10 commandments and/or using them for the children's sermon.


Reiterate how the original commandments were chiseled on stone tablets. Do they know why? Give them each a stone and let them draw a picture of one of the commandments on it. If you have 10 children have them each do a different one and display them for the church!


Read each of the scenarios below and let the children answer what should be done, based on the 10 commandments…maybe you can think of some more!

  1. The class was taking a test. Julie didn't know the answer to one of the questions but knew that the person sitting next to her did. All she had to do was glance over to see the answer…what should she do? (commandment 9!)
  2. Justin was playing at a friend's house and really liked the video game they were playing. He really wanted one at his house and thought it wasn't fair that his friend had it but he didn't. What should he do? (commandment 10 – be thankful for what you have!)
  3. Ella was at a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese and she was up at the counter trying to decide on what color lollipop to get with her tickets. The lady laid out all the colors on the counter for Ella to see better, but then walked away to help someone else. Ella realized that she could pick up all the suckers and walk away…what should she do? (commandment 8 – don't steal!)
  4. Paul had a bad day at school and really wanted to come home and rest and watch tv. When he walked in the door, his mother asked him to please take out the garbage before watching tv. He didn't want to and thought he could do it later…what should he do? (commandment 5! Obey your parents – which means don't talk back!)


Everyone sit in a circle and read over the commandments again for review. You start off by holding a ball (or anything) and naming one of the commandments. Pass the ball to the next person and they name another. The first person who gets stumped, gets up and moves to the beginning next to you. You start over (name a different commandment to help them out) then pass the ball to the person who just sat down next to you (because you've started over that person can say one that's already been said). There is no winner – the object is to get all the way around the circle (more than once if you have to – if you have less than 10 people) without repeating a commandment and without anyone having to get up and go to the beginning. If you have more than 10, split up in two groups. Are they enjoying the challenge? If so, see if you can do it a second time and beat your time! Race against yourself!


Have you signed a covenant in your Sunday school room stating all the rules that you are to follow? Now would be a good time! Together, write down all the rules that should be followed in the classroom, have everyone sign them, and then hang them up. Make sure and include – "there are no dumb ideas or questions" (ie. don't laugh at anyone when they are sharing) and, if they are older, "if something is shared in private, keep it private". Make it a safe environment for the kids to share!


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