Seeing Is Believing
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Seeing Is Believing"

Scripture Reading:John 20:19-31


Children will take turns hiding as a team and the other team will try to SEE them. When they have been SEEN, it will be the other team's turn to SEE the hiding team. The teacher can also have the teams hide an OBJECT for the other team to find and SEE, instead of a team player, etc.


The teacher can hide many objects around a designated area. Give the children a piece of paper and marker or pencil to record the items that they SEE but without telling the other children what they have SEEN. There will be a specified time allowed for the SEEing game. Then the children can sit in a circle and tell what they SAW from reading the words or the pictures that they drew while looking for the objects. (Younger children can draw pictures and older children can write the words of the items that they see). The teacher can tell them to look for any item that has a ribbon on it so that children will know an item that is to be written down for this class project, such as a pencil, a stuffed toy, a cross, a Bible, a drinking cup, a flower, a picture, a toy, a bracelet, etc.


Give children supplies to draw and cut out their own traced hands. Glue onto a piece of construction paper and glue a black round circle in the middle of each hand as a "hole" that Jesus had placed in his hands and feet.


Each child can be given a large nail and plastic string to tie and hot glue the nail to the necklace string. Tie around the child's neck and remind them to share today's story and "Believing". (If children are too young, a picture on card stock of a nail could be hole punched and used for the necklace).


Provide each child with a paper plate and a plastic or styrofoam cup. Children can color the paper plate and cut the bottom edge of the plate off so it is flat and even with the table. Cut a hole or 4 slits in the middle of the plate so the plastic cup can be pushed through the middle. Children can cut out a round circle out of black construction paper and place over the cup opening and move it back and forth to show the "empty tomb" to prove that Jesus is alive. Children can write words from today's lesson about the Easter story, empty tomb, He is Risen, Believe, etc, on the top of the paper plate as desired.


Children can trace and cut out a large red heart - adding glitter and I BELIEVE in the middle of the heart, Children could be encouraged to draw a small hand on the middle of the heart with a small "nail hole" as well. Hang the I BELIEVE HEART by a ribbon from the top of the heart.


Give each child a heart to cut out, as well as big craft eyes to glue onto the heart. Yarn can be added for hair and a cut out mouth to glue to the heart, etc. Children can write EYE BELIEVE or other words from todays lesson - place and glue a strip of card stock paper to the back to make a "stand" so the heart can stand up on its own. (The strip of card stock will just be folded and one end glued to the bottom of the heart and the other section will be on the table and hold the heart up.)


On a poster board or the chalkboard, the teacher can write B-E-L-I-E-V-E down the left side of the board and let children talk about words for each of the letters that would help them BELIEVE, or ideas of what JESUS has done to help us BELIEVE, etc.


Provide children with supplies of various colors of construction paper and markers, to draw very large eyes. Glue the eyes, lashes (cut from another color of paper and cut to look like lashes), eyebrows, etc on a piece of construction paper. Write today's Bible verse or words from today's lesson to help us SEE JESUS and to believe the truths of God's Word even though we can't SEE Jesus!




Heart shaped cookies for children to frost and decorate. Remind children to BELIEVE with all their heart and to trust God's Word!

Song: "Open My Eyes"

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Song: "Only Believe"

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