Sheep Or Goats Group
Group Activities

Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams & Charles Kirkpatrick

Sermon Title: "Sheep or Goats?"

Scripture Reading: Matthew 25:31-46

BALLOON SHEEP AND GOATS: Blow up balloons and either draw sheep or goats on all the balloons or make one color to be the SHEEP and another color be the GOATS. Children can run relays in moving the sheep and goat balloons toward the finish line from bopping the balloons with their hands, or could use a fly swatter or kick with their feet. See if the sheep or the goats make it first to the finish line.

ACT OUT: Divide the children into 3 groups. Give one group a slip of paper to tell them to act out what's on the paper. 1 can be to act out a kindness; 2 could be to be sheep and say baaaaaaa; 3 would be to act like stubborn goats. The class can guess what each group is acting out.

SHEEP and GOATS POSTER: Have the children draw a sheep and a goat or give them a picture of a goat and of a sheep. These pictures can be glued at the top of a piece of construction paper and the children will write a list characteristics of each under the sheep or goat picture. Examples: write the positive characteristics of the sheep in our story such as inherit the kingdom of God, right hand, blessed, give me food when hungry, give me water when thirsty, took me in, clothed me, and visited me. And the opposite characteristics could be listed on the side under the goat's picture.

SHEEP FACE TO WEAR: Give each child a paper plate with the middle circle cut out of the plate. Glue cotton balls around the plate and the teacher can give the children big white floppy sheep ears to glue on to the plate and the children can put this around their face and look like a little sheep.

"I WANT TO BE A SHEEP" WALL HANGING: A piece of poster board or colorful construction paper will be given to the children along with cotton balls to form the shape of a sheep. Use colorful markers to write words from our lesson today all around the cotton ball sheep. Children could also use paint or pictures or different types of writing utensils to make the plaque more interesting and decorative. Stickers of happy faces or sheep or Hearts could also be added to this wall hanging

BIBLE VERSE CHALK LESSON: Write Matthew 25:40 on a chalkboard and have the children recite the verse together. The children will then be divided into teams to begin to remembering the words as the teacher erases a word here or there until all of the verse has been erased and the children are reciting it for memory.

GET WELL CARDS: Give the children supplies to make get well cards for friends or church members that might be sick. Provide card stock that they could fold to make a card to be stood up on a table or to be placed in a Bible. Stickers and markers could be used to decorate the cards and the children can write phrases such as, "Hope you get well soon," "I’m praying for you," "We miss you in Church," etc;. The children should be reminded that, as Jesus said in our lesson today, we should visit the sick and help others who are in need.

FOOD AND WATER FOR THE NEEDY: Before class time, the teacher or leaders could have bottles of water and non-perishable foods set up like a small grocery store. The children will be given a small tub or box to shop for the needy. The children could do this in groups or individually depending on the size of the class but will give them an idea of shopping for a few things for those who do not have food or water

SHARE A SNACK: Make a sheep snack using a large marshmallow for the sheep's body, four small pretzel sticks for the legs, and cut a slit in one end of the marshmallow to insert a traditionally shaped pretzel into for the head. (click here)


Song: "Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us"

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Piano Accompaniment (MP3)

Song:  "Share His Love" - Traditional melody

Lyrics and Music (PDF)

Piano Accompaniment (MP3)

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