The Dishonest Manager
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "The Dishonest Manager" and "Honesty Is the Best Policy"

Scripture Reading: Luke 16:1-13


Provide each child with felt pieces to "sew" together with non-sharp plastic needles and yarn with some extra yarn to PULL the top of the bag together. Give the children pretend money coins to place in the bag as children are allowed to COUNT the number of coins for their own bag, as the teacher directs. Remind children to be HONEST. One slip of paper with today's Bible verse can be given to children to place inside their money bag.


Give children foam door knob hangers to decorate with stickers and permanent markers with the word HONESTY, writing today's Bible verse on the door knob hanger as well!


Give each child a chenille wire or an inexpensive key chain to hang "honesty circles" from to remind children the "keys to being honest". Give the children round circles to decorate and write words to remind them to be honest. For example: in school, with friends, with family, with teachers. Hole punch the circles and hang them on the key chain.


Chalkboard Group FUN: Unscramble words on the board as the children come into the classroom. SCRAMBLE words that are in our story such as HONESTY, DOLLAR, TRUST, CHOICES, LOVE, MONEY, RIGHT THING, etc.


Have each child draw a large clock with the 12, 3, 6 and 9 on the clock and write or draw a picture beside those 4 times of the day when they might be tempted or have the CHOICE to do the "right thing". (Examples: 12 noon - to share a part of their lunch or to thank the teacher for something; 3:00 - to be honest about homework or being kind to someone on the bus or cleaning their home when they get, etc; 6:00 - to help prepare dinner, set the table or clean up after dinner; 9:00 - read their Bible and go to bed with prayer, etc) Luke 16:10 could be written on the middle of the clock.


Have each child draw $ signs around the edge of their paper and write words for HONESTY acrostic for choices that THEY will have to be HONEST about in their lives. Luke 16:10 could be written on their paper.


Give each child a paper plate and let them draw a circle in the middle with the word HONESTY in the circle. Let the children draw lines to form spokes to 5 or 6 different areas of the plate with ways to be HONEST or GOOD CHOICES this next week written on the lines. Decorate or lightly color the paper plate and take it home to hang on their wall or place on their pillow each morning to remind them of GOD's desire for them to be Honest and Trustworthy and to make GOOD CHOICES each day!


Have each child cut out a large yellow bumble BEE and attach black chenille wire antennae, etc - decorate their BEE and write on the BEE ---such "Bees" as BEE truthful; BEE honest; BEE faithful; BEE like Jesus; BEE trustworthy!


(just for FUN while discussing the lesson once again) Each child could be given a dollar bill to see who can FOLD that dollar bill the smallest. Teacher can either give that dollar to the child or put the money into the Sunday School offering!


The teacher will show the children a jar full of cookies and ask them if they have ever played the game "Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?" Let them know that this time it is quite all right to have a cookie from the cookie jar!

Song: "I Surrender All" - Judson W. Van DeVenter & Winfield S. Weeden

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Song: "This Little Light of Mine" - Author Unknown

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