The Family of God
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "The Family of God"

Scripture Reading: Galatians 3:26-29


Choose two team leaders. Have the children scatter to find a place to HIDE and SEEK. When one of the team leaders finds someone, that person becomes part of THAT "family" and holds hands to run and find more "family members". Players on each team cannot let go of each others hands, but must remain together. Continue to play until all players are found and are a part of a "family".


Give children a balloon to blow up and let it fly when the teacher says to "FLY YOUR BALLOON." Wherever the balloon lands, is where the child will go and stand. Continue to play for as long as time allows. At the final balloon blowing time, tell children to tie their balloons and everyone will let their balloon fly up into the air at the same time. Tell children that our balloons today represent everyone in the Family of God who goes different ways and does different things but GOD loves us all and we are in HIS care and of the same Family if we know Jesus as Savior!


Decorate an envelope and write FAITH in big colorful letters. Let children fill out a recipe card that says CHILDREN OF GOD on one side and some of the words from today's Bible verse or the teacher can have slips of paper with the Bible verse on it for children to glue to the back side of the recipe card. Slip the card inside the FAITH envelope and encourage children to share their FAITH envelope with others.


The teacher can make a MEMBERSHIP BOARD before class time, using a large colored poster board. One side of the Membership Board will have a heading of FAMILY OF GOD MEMBERSHIP, and the other side of the board will have a heading of WORLD MEMBERSHIPS. Let children pick cards out of a box or basket that they will tape to one side or another of the Membership Board --- such as "God's Family" would go on the FAMILY OF GOD side of the board; Library card would be taped to the World Membership side of the board. Other ideas for cards would be church membership; football, piano club, swim team, prayer group; helping the homeless membership, baptism, etc.


Provide each child with a credit card size card cut out of poster board. Children can write FREE in bright marker colors on one side and on the other side of the card, they can write the wonderful things that we have in Christ, such as heaven, faith, trust, forgiveness, joy, celebrating, etc. Use a piece of clear contact paper to cover the membership card for children to put in their wallets or purses or in their bedroom drawer at home to remind them of being the Family of God!


Give each child a piece of paper and for younger children, the teacher can have 4-5 "stick" figures drawn for children to color and decorate. Older children can draw their own... connect all the papers of "family" pictures and hang on the class room wall. Write FAMILY OF GOD above the "family" figures.


Give children ink pads and let them put finger prints all over a piece of paper. Each child can have a pen or thin marker to draw hands and feet, face, etc on each finger print on the paper. Make eyes big, slanted, slit and make hair curly or straight, long or short. Write GOD'S GRACE AVAILABLE TO ALL at the top of the paper for a title.


Paper strips in various colors (about 3" x 20", etc) can be given to children to color, decorate and add stickers and the words CHILD OF GOD, or FAMILY OF GOD, or GOD'S GRACE FOR ALL. Place on child's head and over lap and tape for child to wear like a headband or crown.


Jesus loves the Little Children; One Family in the Lord


Give each child a ticket or a small coupon for a free snack at the end of class. Ask each child what the BEST FAMILY is to be a part of. After they answer - the FAMILY OF GOD - children can purchase a cupcake or cookie with their FREE ticket. Ask each child what it costs to become a child of GOD? It's FREE!!!!

Song: "Jesus Loves the Little Children


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Song: "One Family in the Lord"


Words and Music (pdf)

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