The Lost Sheep
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "The Lost Sheep"

Scripture Reading: Luke 15:1-7

HIDE AND SEEK SHEEP: Tell all the children to run and hide in a designated area. ONE child will be the Shepherd and as the Shepherd finds each "sheep", he will bring him to a gated area for the sheep to stay until the end of the game. When the "sheep" are found, they can "baa baa" while waiting for other "sheep" to be found and put in the gate (the "gate" can be formed with chairs or even colored tape on the floor, etc).

CIRCLE OF SHEEP: One child can be the Shepherd who will stand in the middle of the circle of sheep. The teacher will walk around the outside edge of the sheep circle and pat each sheep on the back and will "secretly" place a sticker on the back of one child without anyone knowing who she picked for the ONE SHEEP that the Shepherd will find. Then the "Shepherd" will guess who has the sticker - that "sheep" will turn around and let the shepherd see if the sticker is on his back; if not, the Shepherd will continue to look for his "sheep" with the sticker. IF the sheep with the sticker is found by the Shepherd, then that sheep will become the new Shepherd and that Shepherd will go back into the circle of sheep. The teacher can continue to place a sticker on different children as time allows. (Make sure to take the used sticker off before continuing to play the game).

COUNTING SHEEP: Divide the children into 2 teams. Give each team a poster board and markers. Teacher will say START. ...or BEGIN and each team will see who can draw 99 sheep in the quickest time. (Provide some M & M's or something small for all their hard work)!

SHEEP GAME: Put a little Vaseline on each child's nose and let them see how many cotton balls they can get stuck on their face and nose in the allotted time that the teacher gives them. Make sure to take a class picture of all the "sheep"! If time allows, the children can then see if they can run back and forth to get cotton balls from their noses to stick on an outlined picture of a SHEEP on the other side of the room. The teacher can have some Vaseline smeared on the outline of the sheep on the poster board for children to stick their cotton balls from their noses on the board -- no hands allowed!

COTTON BALL SHEEP: Give each child an outline of a sheep or the older children could draw a sheep on their own. Glue pieces of cotton on their sheep. Children can then use markers to draw grass, sky, sun, etc and write JESUS NEVER GIVES UP ON A LOST SHEEP.

SHEEP SKIT: Let children act out a skit of today's lesson - some children being the sheep (down on all fours) and one child to be the shepherd and one child as the LOST sheep - hiding somewhere for the Shepherd to find it at that part of the Bible story.

SHEEP BIBLE VERSE HUNT: Write today's Bible verse on several to many little pictures of sheep and let the children HUNT for the sheep. (The "pictures" of sheep could be just round white circles with a little cotton around the edges, if desired). After finding parts of today's Bible verse , the children will put the verse together on the table to taping to a focal wall in the classroom. After all the verse has been placed together, the class can recite the Bible verse together. Then the teacher can begin removing a sheep in various places to see if the children can remember what part of the verse was just removed.

DOOR BANNER: Give the class the supplies to make a large door banner -- using construction paper cut outs of parts of the shepherd and sheep, grass, sky, etc. The children can glue the various shapes of construction paper to the door banner and add cotton to the sheep; green strips of paper as grass with little snips cut into the paper to look like grass, etc.

SNACK TIME: Bake cupcakes for each child and before frosting the cooled cupcakes, carefully push a gummy bear or another small candy into the cupcake and then frost. Tell children that something is LOST inside their treat and to show everyone what is lost in THEIR own cupcake. The teacher can place different candy items in each cupcake so that the children will enjoy showing what they have FOUND in their treat. THANK JESUS for coming to SAVE those who are LOST!

Song: "The Lord's My Shepherd"

Sheet Music (PDF)

Accompaniment (MP3)

Song: "Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us" - Traditional

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