The Pharisee and the Tax Collector
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "The Pharisee and the Tax Collector"

Scripture Reading: Luke 18:9-14


Give each child 6 pieces of a pie-cut-out (of a paper plate) and have them piece them together so that the word HUMBLE (one letter of this word on each piece of pie) will be seen. Each child can try to think of a word for each letter that would explain HUMBLE .


Make some picture frames ahead of time using popsicle sticks and glue allowing time for them to be dry for the children to use. The children will paint and/or decorate the frame and either draw a picture of themselves for the frame, or ask the parents for a little picture ahead of time. Children can glue their picture onto a piece of poster board the size of the frame and glue typed words on little slip of colored paper to the bottom of the frame saying, "__________ (child's name) wants to be HUMBLE."


Let the children decorate or paint a smooth rock and write I WANT TO BE HUMBLE.... or HUMILITY... Luke 18:14. (They can put it on their dresser at home).


The teacher will drip glue over the top edges of empty toilet paper rolls and let it dry before the teaching day. Have paint for children to lightly paint over the dried glue drippings (it will look like the candle dripping wax) on the toilet paper roll and a small slip of paper for each child to glue to the bottom section of the roll that will say, "I WILL SHINE FOR JESUS WHEN I AM HUMBLE." Give each child a yellow construction cut-out flame to glue to the inside of the toilet paper roll and take home to remind them to be HUMBLE!


On a piece of poster board, let the children trace or draw a stick-man standing up with the arms held up to represent being PROUD. Make another poster with stick-man kneeling to represent being HUMBLE! Let the children take turns holding up one of the cards to another child and that child acts out what the card shows. (Either stand up and put arms up in a prideful way, or kneel with his head down.) Then that child will hold one of his cards up for someone else to do what his card says! During the game, the teacher can have more discussion about Pride and Humility.


On white paper, children can begin coloring "firmly" with many colors over the top of each other. Then they will press firmly and color over the top with a BLACK CRAYON. Children can then use a toothpick or a pen and write HUMILITY and all the colors will show through and will make a fun picture to remember HUMILITY in a "beautiful way"!


Divide the children into two teams. Let the children practice skipping around the area before starting the game. Each team will take turns skipping to the far side of the room and getting a letter for the word HUMILITY. The teacher will have the letters for HUMILITY on separate cards before the class time begins. The first team to run back and forth to get the letters for this word and put them in the right order on a wall is the winner. If the teacher desires, the class can then decorate the letters in bright colors and hang on the classroom door and wall.


Divide the group into two teams. Each child on a team will have a placard in front of them with one of the letters from the word humility. (The child could hold this big card or could wear it with a string around their neck. The teacher can scramble the team up and the team will see who can get in the proper order to spell the words correctly when the teacher says, "GO!"

Song: "To Be Like Jesus"



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Song: "I Just Wanna Be a Sheep" by Brian Howard

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