The Price Is Right
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "The Price Is Right"

Scripture Reading: Luke 6:20-23

$$$$$$ POSTER:

Option 1:

Make a Poster with $ signs vertically along the left side. Children can list "things" that have a HIGH PRICE TAG but that might not necessarily honor God.

Option 2:

The poster is the same as in Option 1, but children will list the sins that JESUS PAID FOR by giving His LIFE which was PRICELESS!


Have the children make a "price tag" with string or yarn attached (made from colored recipe cards with both ends slanted at a 45 degree angle) to hang around their neck. The price tag could say "BOUGHT WITH A PRICE", I Cor. 6:20; "JESUS PAID THE PRICE", "GOD'S SPECIAL TREASURE", etc. (Something could be written BOTH sides of price tag, if desired, so that something shows on both sides if the tag flips over).


Create two columns on the chalk board. Column 1: EARTHLY REWARDS; Column 2: HEAVENLY REWARDS.

1. Discuss how others might treat us if we follow Jesus and list these ideas in Column 1 - Examples: others might hate us, leave us out of things, insult us and say cruel things.

2. Discuss OUR REWARDS in HEAVEN if we follow Jesus here on earth and list these ideas in Column 2- Examples: mansion, gold streets, never sick, never sleep, sing with angels, happy, joyful, etc.


(or other candy ideas) - Children can draw $$$$ signs on a small Styrofoam cup and their name, the Bible verse, or "I have a great REWARD in heaven", etc, and as they answer questions by the teacher for today's lesson, they can pick TREASURES candies for their cup to take home! Encourage children to share the Bible Story today and share a TREASURES candy with someone else!! (Other candy ideas could be used such as the gold foil chocolate coins; PayDay bars, 100,000 candy bars, etc).

Song: "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus " arr. by Charles & Elaine Kirkpatrick

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Song: "Seek Ye First" by Karen Lafferty

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