Unto the Least of These
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Unto the Least of These"

Scripture Reading: Matthew 25:31-46


Divide the children into teams and have them run various relays to see how many children can run the relay before the timer goes off!! One relay can be hopping until the timer rings; the next relay can be jumping, run and clapping etc.


The class can be divided into two teams. One team will stand behind a table to "feed" the other team as they come to the table. Then the teams will switch roles and the first team will be fed by the opposite team. TIME the teams to see how quickly each team is able to eat the food that was given to them. The teacher can have crackers, or candies, pudding, etc. Make sure to have clean up rags for the eating mess!


Give all the children a small bottle of juice or a dixie cup of water or juice, and children will stand in a circle or against a wall. When the teacher says to GO, the children will drink as quickly as they can. When their bottle or glass is emptied, they'll sit down and see who is the last one still drinking their liquid. Tell children to listen carefully to the lesson today to see who we should offer water and food to, as God desires us to.


Each child can be given a piece of construction paper and markers or crayons. When the timer begins, the children can draw as many kinds of food that they enjoy eating. After one minute timer, the children will pass their papers to the child to their right, and set the time again for one minute for the next child to draw the foods that THEY like to eat. Continue as time allows, making shorter time each time. When the child's paper comes back to himself, each child can write FEED THE HUNGRY at the top or around the edges of their paper - just wherever the words will fit. Let children know that many children don't get to eat all of those things and they go hungry many days. Let children have a prayer time together for those hungry boys and girls.


Provide each child with a small bottle of water. Children can tape a strip of construction paper around the bottle after decorating the paper with words from today's Bible lesson and Bible verse.


Children can be given a piece of construction paper. Make several folds in the paper and draw the outline of a child with the hands sticking straight out and then cut around the lines but NOT cutting the end of the hands that are on the fold. The children should all be connected and each child can decorate their fold out children and then tape to the classroom table or the wall with all the hands connecting! Tell the children that many children are hungry and Jesus wants us to feed them.


Children can be a part of making some "snack packs" to give to some hungry people in their area. The teacher can have zip lock bags, crackers, pudding cup, fruit cup and a juice pack or similar foods. Let the children walk around the table and make snack packs to be given out to the hungry.


Scatter alot of coins around a designated area. Divide the children into 2-4 groups. Let the children gather as many coins as they can before the timer rings. Each child or group of children can see who collected the most coins and then put the coins in a bottle to buy some water bottles or juice packets for thirsty children. (The teacher may be able to ask other adults for a donation for the needy a week before in order to have ALOT of change for the children to collect for the needy.


Write today's Bible verse on a focal wall or on the chalkboard. Children will sit in a line or in a circle. ONE child will say ONE word of the verse; the next child will say the next word, the next child will say the third word, and continue until the verse is completed. Start this process very slowly and keep going around and around with all the children saying the next word of the verse, as well as the scripture reference. Tell children to speed up the verse and say it faster and faster. If a child says the wrong word after reciting it a couple of times as a group, then the children will get out of the circle until there are just a few children left with the recitation of the verse, but ALL the children will have learned the verse and it's meaning by the end of the circle game.




Let children make up a snack pack for another child in the class and share it with them on a blanket outside or an inside picnic time. Discuss today's lesson and who we can help with food and water!

Song: "Share His Love" - Traditional melody

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Song: "Jesus Loves the Little Children - Traditional

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