Up, Up and Away
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Up, Up and Away"

Scripture Reading:Luke 24:44-53, Acts 1:1-11


Children can divide into teams and run a relay with bopping a balloon down to the far wall and holding balloon as they run back to the team, for the next player to bop the balloon and continue until all the team has run the balloon.


Give each child a balloon to STOMP on and see who takes the longest to POP their balloons. Children could also play this game with stomping other's balloons and trying to PROTECT their own balloon, so then the game would be to see who can keep their OWN balloon from being popped the longest!


The teacher can have a bucket of water balloons filled and children can divide into two teams and toss their water balloons back and forth to see who can keep their balloon from "splatting" the longest. Of course this will have to be played outside if that is available.


Have todays Bible verses (Luke 24:50-53) or (Acts 6:8-9), typed on slips of paper and placed inside balloons that the teacher/leader has blown up before class time. Children can then pop their balloon, retrieve the Bible verses and tape or glue onto a piece of construction paper. Then have children draw a big round balloon around the verses and cut the "balloon tracing" out. Add a curly ribbon to the balloon verse and hang on the classroom wall or take home, as desired. Let children take turns reading/reciting the verse together.


If children can go outside to a sidewalk or a parking lot, give each child a large piece of chalk and draw a very large balloon on various areas that are available. Give each child a different word to write inside their drawn balloon from today's lesson, such as heaven, Jesus, Holy Spirit; Ascension, power, etc. Then walk the class from balloon to balloon and let children tell a little bit about that word from what they have learned from the Bible story today!


Give children construction paper to cut out a large cross and add foam crosses to the cut out cross. Children can write or taped a typed out copy of part of today's prayer on the cross and place in their Bibles or hang from a ribbon for the wall.


Let each child write with a permanent marker on their balloon - such words from today's lesson as GOD'S POWER; PRAISE GOD; BE MY WITNESSES, THANK YOU JESUS FOR SENDING YOUR SON, etc. Then children can blow up their balloons and attached a curly ribbon to their balloons and take home with them. Encourage children to tell today's story if other's ask about their balloons as they leave class!


At the end of class, let children blow up a balloon and place a small piece of paper inside that will say JESUS LOVES YOU. When all the class has gathered together outside, let all the balloons take flight at the same time and watch the balloons go higher and higher. Pray for people who might find the balloons and read the LOVE NOTE inside the balloon!


GOD IS SO GOOD; HEAVENLY FATHER WE APPRECIATE YOU; GOD IS GOOD TO ME (God is good to me, He holds my hand, He helps me stand, God is good to me).


Give cookies or a cupcake that have been frosted and a couple of balloons decorated on the top with colorful gel.

Song: "God Is So Good"

Words and Music (pdf)

MP3 Piano Accompaniment - Right click and save to your computer. (Two measures introduction and sing two times through.)

This song may be freely downloaded and reproduced for religious or educational use by churches, schools, home schoolers, and other non-profit organizations.