Voice In The Wilderness Group
Group Activities

Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams & Charles Kirkpatrick

Sermon Title: "A Voice in the Wilderness "

scripture Reading: Matthew 3:1-12

"KING IS COMING" NECKLACE - Teacher can have a curved cut-out half-collar or like a horse-shoe shape for children to write THE KING IS COMING and decorate on the necklace. Have a hole punched on each end and tie yarn or string and make a necklace for the children to wear!

PATHS TO FOLLOW - Teacher can make "paths" for children to follow - ideas would be a "path" with string, feet prints, yarn, candy thrown in a "path" form, etc. Discussion in a circle at the END of the path about today's lesson!

CLEANING FROLICK - Have cleaning items such as mops, brooms, dust rags, box of junk, etc for children to clean the room at the beginning of class and discussion about today's lesson in getting ready for someone VERY IMPORTANT... and how we can prepare for the KING's coming!! Teacher could purposely have things out of place as children arrive and begin class discussion as they enter the room!

"KING IS COMING" Hide and Seek Game - Children can scatter to hide as the teacher or another appointed leader begins to look for the children. Tell the children that if they think their "leader" is getting close, they should JUMP out of their hiding place and shout... THE KING IS COMING and run to not get tagged. They can then run to the classroom and begin their heart tree or another project, or a designated area while the others continue to play. Teachers may have other variations on playing the KING IS COMING as long as the children shout those words.

HEART CHRISTMAS TREE - Children can decorate a green triangle or make a Christmas tree with branches and the trunk of the tree in brown construction paper. REPENT can be written on the trunk of the tree and children can make "hearts" in the places of light bulbs on the tree and decorate the tree to remind children to "prepare to meet God", "turn toward God", "get hearts clean", "ask God to forgive my sins", etc.

"HEARTS & CROWNS" POSTER - Children can each be given a large red heart to color a border or decorate and then glue a large crown or draw a crown across the heart. Discussion about getting our "hearts" clean to prepare for the KING! Encourage children to take their poster home and share their lesson today so that "others" can prepare to MEET GOD!

"GET READY" PRAYER CHAIN - Teacher can have red and green strips of construction paper cut and ready for children to write an idea on each strip of paper of ways to GET READY for the KING. Connect the strips together to make a PRAYER CHAIN to hang around the classroom! (Ideas: pray, read my Bible, obey, no swearing, inviting others to SS, repent, tell others about Jesus, prayer walks, praise the Lord, etc).

Song:  "Cleanse Me" Maori folk melody/Lyrics by J. Edwin Orr

Lead Sheet (PDF) - Verse Only

Piano Accompaniment (MP3)

Song:  "Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus " - Charles Wesley/Roland H. Prichard

Lead Sheet (PDF) - 1st Verse Only

Piano Accompaniment (MP3) (1X with 4 measure introduction.)

About Carol Williams
Carol and her husband have served churches in Illinois, Minnesota, Mississippi, Michigan, and Indiana.  Carol loves to work with children so you will find her teaching in Junior Church and children's Sunday School.  She also has clowning ministry in which she is known as Bubbles tc (the clown).
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