Who Says?
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Who Says?"

Scripture Reading: Matthew 4:1-11

OBEY banner:

Write a "huge" OBEY across the entire poster board. Send children out to look for big O's around a designated area. Tape the O's on the poster when they return and read what each "O" says. The "O's" could be parts of our Bible verse today in II Tim 3:16, or each "O" could have something that we need to OBEY (ex: do not steal; do not lie, do not cheat, Love your enemies, etc).


The "round" donut can stand for the "O" in Obey and remind children to OBEY after eating each mini donut in class. While eating their "O's" donuts, they can talk about obeying and doing what JESUS wants them to do.

HEART Poster:

Give each child a section of a white poster board and a big red construction paper HEART to glue onto their poster. Children can add an "I" before the big heart and JESUS after the heart. In different letters, children can trace or write I'LL DO WHAT JESUS SAYS... or I WILL OBEY. So this poster will say I (heart/love) JESUS. I WILL OBEY! Children can decorate the poster with many other colored heart stickers.


Each child can be given a card to fold and to stand up after writing WWJD on one side of the card and draw a stick figure or glue on a picture of Jesus on the left side and on the other side, children can draw a picture of themselves and write at the top - "What will I do"! Discussion about our lesson and doing what JESUS wants us to do!


Give children different shapes such as triangles, circles and rectangles to make up a picture of themselves to glue or tape onto the bulletin board. After all the children have completed making a picture of "ME", the children can draw, or glue letters on their bulletin board to say I WILL OBEY, or I WANT TO DO WHAT JESUS SAYS, etc. II Tim 3:16 could be written across the bottom of the bulletin board.


Give each child 2 graham cracker squares to frost with choc icing to look like a Bible (lay side by side at an angle). Use a toothpick to write I WILL OBEY JESUS...... or give children a tube of white decorator gel to write those words. A small thin ribbon could be given to each child to lay in the middle of their "Bible" for a special look!


Children can divide into teams. The first team member will run to the teacher and get a command and will OBEY that command on the way back to the next team member; Commands will be to hop, skip, jump, crawl, etc back to the team. Each team player will get a different command.


Let children divide into groups and work for 5 minutes in different areas of the room, to write and recite a FUN CHEER to share with the rest of the class --- such as, O-B-E-Y, obey, obey, that's our cry...Live for Jesus as we should, and OBEY His Word all that I could. Children will enjoy rhyming words with OBEY and other words from today's lesson. Each group could be given a word from today's Bible story and verse to rhyme with for their team CHEER.


The children can be divided into two teams and line the children up facing each other about 10 feet or so apart. The children will hold hands or lock arms and the first team will shout for the other team to send ______________ over. The child whose name was called out will run quickly and try to break through the line. If the child succeeds in breaking through the line, he/she can return to their own team and can bring one person from the opposing team. But if they are NOT able to break through the line, they then join that team. Each team gets a chance back and forth to call for someone from the opposing side. Don't let children play too roughly but to enjoy OBEYING the commands!

Song: "This Little Light of Mine"

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Song: "The B-I-B-L-E" - Composer Unknown

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