Wise or Foolish
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Wise or Foolish"

Scripture Reading: Matthew 7:24-29


Scatter various childrens' books all around a designated area. Give each child a mini notebook and a pencil. When the teach says GO, the children will go from book to book -- glance through the book quickly and write down the main idea of the book, such as a book about cars, a book about family, a book about birds, etc. When time is up, let the children sit in a circle and share what they found out in the books that they glanced through.


Divide the class into 2 or more teams. Each team will have a poster board to run to when the game begins. Each team will also have a pile of small papers that they will take one slip of paper and quickly tape it to the FOOLISH or WISE side of their team's poster board. Then the child will run back to his team and tap the next player to do the same, until all the slips of papers have been placed/taped on the poster board for FOOLISH or WISE. Let the class discuss why they put the slips on which side of the board. See which team had the most correct slips of paper.


Each child can be given a large piece of heavy stock paper or this could be done as a class project, as well. Use GLUE to write words from today's lesson such as DON'T BUILD YOUR HOUSE ON THE SAND, or YOUR HOUSE BUILT ON THE SAND WILL FALL, etc. Sprinkle SAND on the glue and allow to dry. Sprinkling the sand on the glue words will be easier if done outside or over a large trash bucket, so there will be less clean up.


Let each child choose a smooth ROCK. Give children markers or paint and brushes to paint the rock and to paint a cross or house, etc on the rock. Allow to dry and let children discuss together today's Bible lesson and the results of building our lives on Jesus - the ROCK.


Let children cut several round circles about 3-4 inches across, out of construction paper and use a hole punch and yarn or ribbon to connect the round circles. Then children can write on each circle the ways to be WISE about things that Jesus has taught us. Let children read and share with the others in class!


The teacher can write words of wisdom/knowledge from God, on one side of the chalkboard (such as obeying, sharing Jesus, the ten commandments, etc). Children can take turns drawing a picture or writing words that would include putting that knowledge or wisdom into practice (such as "obeying" could be cleaning my room, practicing my piano, washing the dishes; "sharing Jesus" could be giving a Bible to my friend, bringing my friend to church, writing a Bible verse and giving to a friend, etc).


If time allows and children can work on this project outdoors or on a tarp, etc -- children could sing today's SONG and then build an art project to show the words of the song, A WISE MAN BUILD HIS HOUSE UPON A ROCK! Children can use craft sticks and glue to build a house; Sand can be sprinkled around the house. Children can add a large rock and take turns putting their own initials on the rock with markers. If this is being done outside - then large amounts of water could be poured on the "house display" and watch the house made with craft sticks, fall apart but the ROCK will remain where it was placed!


Give each child a thin board or plastic material. Children can then pick out several smooth rocks and use markers or paints to write WISE IDEAS to please GOD and then hot glue those little, smooth, decorated rocks to the plaque board. Children could use this in their home to remind all family members to be WISE and to do what GOD says to do. This could be placed on a kitchen table as decoration, or on top of a television, or on top of a piano or a coffee table, etc.




Give each child a bag of "Popping Rocks" and let every child ask someone else in the class a question about today's Bible lesson!

Song: "The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock"

Words and Music (pdf)

MP3 Piano accompaniment Track

This song is in the public domain and may be freely downloaded and reproduced for religious or educational use by churches, schools, home schoolers, and other non-profit organizations.