X Marks the Spot
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "X Marks the Spot"

Scripture Reading: Matthew 13:44


The teacher will place four large colorful X's, around the designated area - one "X" on each side of the room! The children will scatter and the teacher will call out RED X... BLUE X, GREEN X or PURPLE X. After each X is called out the children will run to that specific X and the last one to get to the X will be out. Continue to play until there is one child left that hasn't been called out.


Allow various children to be THE LEADER and have their classmates play FOLLOW the LEADER. Encourage children to do many movements that haven't been done so the others will have to pay close attention as they FOLLOW THE LEADER. The children will sit in a circle after all of them have had a turn as the leader and listen to today's Bible story.


Designate a large area of the class room to be the "field" and hide many small items or pieces of candy for children to HUNT for in the field. Make sure that each child gets several treasures to place in a small box or bag, to take home after class.


Give each child a map of the area to be hunted with an X that marks the spot of the Treasure. A BIBLE or a CROSS can be the hidden treasure for the children to find. If the class is large, the teacher can have maps for various areas and have groups of children work together to find the treasure.


Provide the children with supplies to draw a treasure map and mark various areas of the map with ideas that the child would like to put on the map. Encourage the children to place a large "X" in the spot on the map where they have written today's Bible verse or glued on a typed piece of paper that has today's Bible verse on it (for younger children). Other words from today's lesson can be written on their treasure map.


Give each child can small squares of construction paper to create a small booklet. Children can write today's Bible verse on the various pages of this little booklet, draw small pictures, add stickers and a page with a large X on it. Or older children could HIDE the X in the middle of some pictures or words for someone else to try and FIND the X.

3D "T"

- Give the children paper and markers to draw a 3D cross to color and decorate and to tape to the classroom wall. Children can write "T" words on their crosses such as TRUST, and TREASURE with neon colored markers.




Snack "treasures" can be found as children HUNT for them in a designated area. Teacher can have an X marks the spot in a snack hunt if desired and if time allows for added fun.

Song: "Treasures in Heaven" by Larry Holder

Words and music (pdf)

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Song: "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus"

Words and music (pdf)

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