Yes You Can!
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Yes You Can!"

Scripture Reading: Luke 4:14-21


Option 1: Frosted cupcakes (the children could frost them in class) with a toothpick and a little piece of paperattached saying,"With GOD's help, I CAN", that children can stick into their cupcake. (The teacher could type the Bible verse on slips of paper).

Option 2: Large cookies that children could frost and then lay slip of paper on the top with above note and Bible verse.

* The teacher may wish to have extra cupcakes for children to eat in class so they can take the I CAN treat home with them to share the lesson with their family.


Have the children cut out snowflakes and write I CAN in as many places as they can fit the words. The teacher will explain that just as every snowflake is different, each of God's children is different. No two of us are exactly the same, but God has a special plan for each of us and, with his help, we can be anything he wants us to be! Snowflakes could be made into a class "mobile" or children could cut out several snowflakes with I CAN written on them and hang them from a hanger as the child's own "mobile" to take home. If you don't know how to create snowflakes, you will find simple instruction on the Enchanted Learning web site.


This game is played like "Simon Says." All children line up facing the teacher who will tell the class to do something (such as hop on one foot, hold hands behind my back, scratch nose and toes at the same time; close eyes and walk backwards, etc) and children MUST say "with God's help, I CAN". If child does the action stated before saying "with God's help, I CAN", he is out until new game begins -- (teacher can decide how long each game lasts).


Older children

The teacher will give a combination lock to a child for the child to UNLOCK. The child will not be able to figure it out until the teacher explains that with HELP, "I CAN" unlock this and the teacher will give the combination to the lock. Each child who says I CAN and uses that combination with the help of others (if needed) and is able to unlock it, will get a small treat.

Younger children

The teacher asks the children to do something that they are not able to do alone, but with the help of the teacher and saying I CAN, they will accomplish that feat and will get a small treat!


Teacher can type or print off the phrase

and children can decorate their Bible book mark with stickers or colors. Add a ribbon if desired.

Song: "Never Give Up" by Cindy Jordan

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Song courtesy of Cindy Jordan. Our thanks to Miss Cindy for allowing Sermons4Kids to use her music. To download more free music by Cindy click here.

Song: "God Will Make a Way" by Don Moen

Due to copyright restrictions, we cannot provide words and music, but this song can be found in many song books and hymnals. It is available in Word/Integrity Music's Celebration Hymnal. (No. 704)