You Shall Call His Name Jesus
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Call His Name Jesus"

Scripture Reading: Luke 1:26-38


Blindfold one child and have the other children move around the room. When the teacher says to FREEZE, the children will stop moving and let the blindfolded child touch one of the children and ask them to say "CALL HIM JESUS." The blindfolded child will try to guess the name of that child who said "CALL HIM JESUS." If the blindfolded child guesses correctly, the blindfold goes to the child that spoke. If not, the same child continues to be blindfolded and the game starts again.

"WHO AM I" Game:

Let one of the children make the sound of an animal that may have been around Jesus in the stable and have another child guess what the animal is.


The teacher will give each child a large green triangle. The children will draw a very large cross on the tree (use bright neon color for the cross) and write JESUS on the trunk.


Let the children glue a nativity stable outline out of craft sticks on a sheet of construction and glue some pieces of straw in the stable. Have children write CALL HIM JESUS on the "roof" craft sticks of the stable.


Have the children draw or trace 3 trees on a piece of poster board. Under each tree, have the children draw 1) boat; 2) manger; 3) cross. Tell the children that a tree can be used to make many things, but Jesus chose to die on a cross made from a tree to bring us Salvation. Have the children write JESUS SAVES under the picture of the cross.


Give each child a recipe card and let the children glue toothpicks in the shape of a stable (big enough to cover half the card). The children will then glue lima beans upright (vertical) to represent the bodies of Mary and Joseph. They will then glue a small pea at the top of each lima bean to form their heads. They will then glue another small pea on the ground between Mary and Joseph to represent the manger with baby Jesus in it. Children can write JESUS IS HIS NAME... or JESUS IS SALVATION, over the top of the stable.


Give the children a cookie to decorate as they choose with different colors of frosting. They might like to draw a stable on the frosting with a toothpick.

Song: "What You Gonna Call Your Pretty Little Baby?" - Black Spiritual

Lead Sheet (PDF)

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