Bought with a Price


Gospel Message 


A picture of a king and a picture of Jesus


1 Corinthians 19b-20 “You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.”

A long time ago there was a very powerful king living in the land. He was the richest man in the land and everything he wanted, he could have. Everyone around him did exactly as he told them because after all…he was the king. The problem was that his child was always getting into trouble. One day, this child was arrested and going to be put to death for his crimes. The king could have put a stop to it, but he did something very interesting instead. He knew his child was guilty and the crime needed to be punished so he went to the jail and told them to take him, punish him and release his son. The king gave his life for his child!

This story is not from the Bible but the king in the story pictures Jesus. Jesus knew we deserved the punishment of death for our sins, but instead he bought our freedom with his punishment and gave his life on the cross for ours.

So your life is not your own, you have been bought with a very high price. If you haven’t accepted that payment for your life, you need to do that. If God is calling you to trust him with your life and you want to now accept the gift Jesus gave you, tell someone. Tell your parents, tell your pastor, tell your Sunday school teacher, but tell someone because they need to know that Jesus died for you and that you belong to Him.