Children's Sermons Lectionary Calendar

Plan your children's sermons based on the lectionary calendar. Looking for specific lessons on Bible topics? Search our Kids Sermon Directory or use our curated Bible Lesson Packs.

Lectionary Day Preach Date Sermon Verse
Transfiguration Sunday March 2, 2025 Mountaintop Experiences
1st Sunday in Lent March 9, 2025 What Did Jesus Do?
2nd Sunday in Lent March 16, 2025 Under His Wing
3rd Sunday in Lent March 23, 2025 Bearing Good Fruit
4th Sunday in Lent March 30, 2025 God Loves Me!
5th Sunday in Lent April 6, 2025 A Most Precious Gift
6th Sunday in Lent April 13, 2025 Praise Parade
Easter Day April 20, 2025 The Faces of Easter
2nd Sunday of Easter April 27, 2025 Can You Believe It?
3rd Sunday of Easter May 4, 2025 Breakfast on the Beach
4th Sunday of Easter May 11, 2025 Guaranteed Forever
5th Sunday of Easter May 18, 2025 A New Commandment
6th Sunday of Easter May 25, 2025 Peace of Mind and Heart
7th Sunday of Easter June 1, 2025 We Are One
Day of Pentecost June 8, 2025 A Birthday Celebration