Children's Sermons Lectionary Calendar

Plan your children's sermons based on the lectionary calendar. Looking for specific lessons on Bible topics? Search our Kids Sermon Directory or use our curated Bible Lesson Packs.

Lectionary Day Preach Date Sermon Verse
2nd Sunday after Epiphany January 14, 2024 God Calls Samuel
3rd Sunday after Epiphany January 21, 2024 Jonah Runs from God
4th Sunday after Epiphany January 28, 2024 Who's In Control?
5th Sunday after Epiphany February 4, 2024 We Pray to God
Transfiguration Sunday February 11, 2024 Naaman Follows Directions
1st Sunday in Lent February 18, 2024 Noah: A Rainbow of Promises
2nd Sunday in Lent February 25, 2024 Deny Your Selfie
3rd Sunday in Lent March 3, 2024 Jesus Cleans the Temple
4th Sunday in Lent March 10, 2024 Measuring God's Love
5th Sunday in Lent March 17, 2024 The Power of God's Love
6th Sunday in Lent March 24, 2024 A Joyful Celebration
Easter Day March 31, 2024 I've Just Seen Jesus
2nd Sunday of Easter April 7, 2024 Seeing Is Believing
3rd Sunday of Easter April 14, 2024 Jesus Appears to the Disciples
4th Sunday of Easter April 21, 2024 The Good Shepherd