The Comforter
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "The Comforter"

Scripture Reading: John 14:15-21


Let children play HIDE and SEEK but the twist will be that when the SEEKER finds someone, they will take them to a SECURE place and will continue to seek others to place in the SECURE place until everyone is SECURE!


Divide the children into two teams. Play this game like the old "Red Rover, Red Rover, Send somebody over". When one team sends one of their team members to run to the other line, the other team will hold TIGHT to each other's arms and keep their line SECURE. If the opposing team member can not push through the SECURED line, then they will become a member of the other team and the game will continue --- each team taking a turn to call somebody over and to see if they can break through the SECURED line.


The children can be divided into two or more teams. Each team will be given an old "comforter" (blanket) and will take turns pulling their team mates from their team line to the finish line. Continue to play until everyone has a chance to pull or to be pulled, or as time allows. Tell children to listen to our lesson today and see WHO is "our" comforter!


The teacher will make a paper filled with letters from the SECURE COMFORT letters as well as other letters. Make enough copies of this paper so each child can be given a paper of letters that are scramble all over the paper. Children can then be given bright colored markers to trace the letters as they find them for SECURE COMFORT. Other words can be found in the "scramble" if the teacher desires, such as GUIDING US, THANK YOU, HOLY SPIRIT, COUNSELOR, etc.


Let children blow up balloons or put together a simple kite in groups or as individuals. Make sure that children tie a strong string or rope to the kite or balloons and let them know that the balloons (or kites) are SECURE and to listen to the story to see who else is secure in our lesson today!


Give each child some thin wire to tape some plastic to the wire, to stick into the ground or a small version of the same to stick in a flower pot. Children can use permanent colorful markers to write on the plastic and to decorate with colorful butterflies, lady bugs and words from our lesson such as HOLY SPIRIT/ COMFORTER, GUIDE/COUNSELOR, etc.


Give each child a small of piece of cotton or felt material to cut into a square. Glue ribbon or trim as desired to the edges of the square "comforter" and let children glue a piece of paper in the middle of the cloth with THE HOLY SPIRIT IS OUR COMFORTER, Bible verse, or other words as child desires from today's lesson. Children can then roll the "comforter" up and tie a ribbon around the cloth to hold in place. Remind children of Who our COMFORTER is and to use today's rolled up "comforter" to remind and to encourage each child through out the week!


Provide children with heavy card stock type of paper and cut to the size of a book or their Bible. Let children wrap the Bible or book with the colorful card stock paper and tape on the edges to SECURE the cover to the book. Let children decorate their book cover with words from today's lesson and today's Bible Verse, etc.


Give each child a pair or shoestrings and colorful thin permanent markers. Encourage children to write in small letters the words from today's lesson that will continue to encourage them each day and will comfort them when they struggle and need guidance. If children don't use shoestrings for their shoes, they can be used as a necklace to remember today's lesson.


Children can be given construction paper and markers, stickers, glitter, etc to make a folded THANK YOU note to our Father for sending the Holy Spirit to be our comfort and our guide.. Stand the Thank You Notes on the classroom table and read them as the final prayer as children prepare to leave the class.


Jesus Loves Me


The teacher can wrap a small snack in a piece of material as the "comforter" and ask children WHO our Comforter is and how the Holy Spirit comforts and guides us every day!

Song: "Jesus Loves Me"

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