A Debt We Can Never Repay
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "A Debt We Can Never Repay"

Scripture Reading: Luke 7:41-47


Let children hunt for "monopoly" money around a designated room. Give two minutes (or shorter time length) for children to find $1 bills. Run back to teacher when time is up. Then have children hunt for ONLY $5 bills, etc. Continue to play as time allows.


Give children "monopoly" money and many small objects, candy, etc on a table. Children can take turns purchasing items until their money is gone. Provide little bags for their purchases.


Let children glue pretend money on a piece of paper and write words from our lesson today, such as A DEBT WE CAN NEVER REPAY, and write $ signs in various colored markers around the edge of the paper.


Provide children with a piece of paper and markers to write THANK YOU JESUS in $ signs. Children can lightly with a pencil first trace the words for THANK YOU JESUS FOR PAYING MY DEBT and then use the markers to put small colored $ signs all along the lines for the words!


The teacher can write DEBT down the left side of a large piece of paper and children can give words for each letter that might describe all that Jesus ha done for us in paying for our debt. Let each child write a word for each letter, so there will be more than one word for each letter. If children are older, they could use a colored marker and write their own word, instead of the teacher writing it!


Provide small strips of paper for children to write ideas of what Jesus has done for them. Let the children make their strips of paper into loops and connect to another loop and make a DEBT CHAIN to hang on the classroom wall!


Let one child be a narrator and slowly read today's Bible verse as other children act out the verse, as a skit. Children can take turns playing the different parts of the oil and the kiss and the feet washing, etc. When children are done with the play acting, as time allows, the teacher can slowly read the verse again and see if the children can fill in some of the Bible verse words.


Give each child a smooth rock to paint a cross or a heart and THANK YOU JESUS, etc on their own DEBT STONE. If a stone isn't available for each child, then let children cut out a large oval circle as a stone would look like and cut out and paint their debt stone and take home to remember to thank Jesus every day for the debt that HE paid for us.


Give children supplies to draw their own hand. On each finger with a different colored marker, let children write (thumb) DEBT; (pointer finger) "I"; (middle finger) Can; (ring finger) Never; (pinkie finger) Repay. Color their hands lightly with a crayon and at the same time, let all the children put their colored hands UP and give a HIGH FIVE to Jesus!!


Children can form a circle and go around the circle in taking turns to say ONE thing to THANK JESUS for because of the DEBT that HE paid for our sins.


Thank You Lord for Saving My Soul


Give children a form of some kind of candy that is available that might look like money - such as a candy bar that has the money words, etc on it! M & M candies would be great to share the Gospel lesson as they eat with the red symbolizing the blood of Jesus as He paid our debt; the brown as our dirty sins; the yellow as heaven, the green as Christian growth and the blue for baptism -- ALL BECAUSE OF JESUS PAYING OUR DEBT!!

Song: "Praise Him! Praise Him! All Ye Little Children


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