Delivering the Good News


Telling others about Jesus.


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As you go, preach this message: 'The kingdom of heaven is near.' Matthew 10:7 (NIV)

Children's Sermon: Delivering the Good News (Matthew 10:7)

Do you ever read the newspaper? I read it every day. That's how I keep up with what's happening in the world. Every morning, before I eat breakfast, I walk out my front door and pick up the newspaper which has been delivered to my doorstep by a person whose job it is to deliver the news.

When I open my newspaper, the first thing I look at is the front page. That's where they put the most important stuff. Next, I look at the sports page. I like sports and like to see if my favorite teams won. Some days they do, and some days they don't. Finally, I turn to my favorite part -- the comics! Why do I save the comics for last? Well, sometimes, some of the news might not be good news, so I like to finish reading the newspaper with a smile on my face!

The person who delivers the newspaper to my doorstep each day helps me to get my day started with a smile. You know, I don't even know that person. He, or she, gets up very early in the morning while I am still asleep, rolls the newspapers, and drives all around the town delivering the news.

The Bible tells us that Jesus traveled all around the countryside. He went to many different towns and villages, and everywhere he went he saw crowds of people who were lost and helpless. It broke his heart. One day, he turned to his followers and said to them, "There are so many who need help, but there are not enough who are willing to help them. Get on your knees and pray that the Lord will send workers to help them." Sharing the Good News was so important to Jesus, and he wanted to make sure that everyone had a chance to hear it.

When they had finished praying, Jesus called twelve of his followers to come to him. "Go," he said, "heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons." Do you know what else Jesus told his disciples? He said, "As you go, preach this message: 'The kingdom of heaven is near.'"

Wow! That's good news, isn't it? Think about it. "The kingdom of heaven is near." It isn't some far off place where we will go at some far off time. In fact, you might even say, "It's right here -- right now." Of course, Jesus came to give us eternal life in heaven, but he also came so that we could have life, and have it to the fullest -- right now. (John 10:10) Now, that's good news that everyone should hear!

My newspaper carrier has been given the job of delivering the news. When I go out to get my newspaper, I expect it to be there. If the carrier doesn't do his job, I don't get the news. Just as Jesus called the twelve to deliver the good news, he has also called you and me to deliver the good news. If we don't do our job, someone won't get the good news today.

Jesus sent out the twelve, and they went out to do what Jesus asked them to do. They went from town to town, healing people and sharing the Good News. They didn't have newspapers or the internet to help them spread the word, but they had something even better – the power of God working through them. They were able to do amazing things because they believed in Jesus and trusted him to guide them.

As they traveled, they met many people who were curious about Jesus and his message. They told stories of how Jesus had changed their lives and how he could change the lives of others too. They talked about how Jesus was a friend to everyone, no matter who they were or where they came from. They shared the Good News that God loved them and wanted them to be part of his family.

But not everyone was happy to hear the Good News. Some people didn't want to believe in Jesus or change their ways. They were afraid of what it might mean for them if they followed Jesus. But the twelve disciples didn't let that stop them. They knew that Sharing the Good News was too important to give up on, even when it was hard.

As the disciples continued their journey, they saw more and more people come to believe in Jesus. They saw lives changed and hearts filled with love. They knew that they were making a difference in the world by Sharing the Good News, and it filled them with joy.

Now, you might be thinking, "That's a great story, but what does it have to do with me?" Well, just like the twelve disciples, Jesus has called each of us to share the Good News with others. We might not be able to heal the sick or raise the dead, but we can still share the love of Jesus with everyone we meet.

We can start by being kind and caring to the people around us. We can help those who are hurting and be a friend to those who are lonely. We can share our own stories of how Jesus has changed our lives and how he can change the lives of others too. And most importantly, we can pray for those who don't know Jesus yet, asking God to open their hearts to his love.

Jesus sends out the twelve, and he sends out each of us too. We have a special job to do, and it's up to us to make sure that everyone has a chance to hear the Good News. It might not always be easy, but with Jesus by our side, we can make a difference in the world.

So, the next time you pick up a newspaper or read a story online, remember that you have your own news to share – the Good News of Jesus. Don't keep it to yourself; share it with everyone you meet. And as you do, you'll be following in the footsteps of the twelve disciples, spreading the love of Jesus and changing the world, one heart at a time.

Father, there is no better news than the good news that you love us and sent your Son so that we might have life and that we might have it abundantly. Help us to faithfully share that good news with others. Amen.