Christ the King Sunday


Christ the King Sunday


See below


John 18:33-38

You'll need: color pictures of each of the following items to show as you talk about each one. I downloaded the pictures I needed from Google images.

a king's crown a king's robes a scepter treasure/jewel chests

a crown of thorns a shepard's robe and sandals a cross a heart

(The following was a question and answer session and the kid's got ALL the answers right the first time, your kids probably will too.)

Today is Christ the King Sunday! It is a special day in the church year, so today let's talk about kings.

You kids all know about kings, even though America got rid of her king about 200 years ago! So tell me about kings, what do king's wear?

That's right, they wear a crown and they wear royal robes.

They also carry something that represents their power and authority -- do you know what that is called? It's called a scepter!

Kings also have LOTS of this stuff. Where do kings get all that treasure and jewels and gold? You're right again! From the people!

If all these pictures show what a king looks like, then we have a serious problem in church today, because this morning we are supposed remember Jesus as Christ the King, and He certainly didn't look or act like the kind of kings we're used to!

We know Jesus didn't wear a gold and jeweled crown, he wore a different kind of crown, what was it? A crown of thorns!

And Jesus didn't wear royal robes with white ermine down the front did He? He wore a simple robe and sandals.

And Jesus didn't carry a scepter to show His power, what did He carry? You're right again! He carried a Cross and he carried all our sins to that cross too.

And finally, does Jesus want boxes of jewels and diamonds and gold coins? No, what Jesus wants to gather to Himself is our hearts and our love.

Jesus is a king, but a different kind of king than we're used to. He isn't a king with a gold and jewel crown, who has riches and jewels and servants, and who orders people and armies around. Jesus is a king, but the best kind of king. He is the King of Heaven (where he promises to take us), the King of Love (which he offers to us freely), the King of Sacrifice, who talks all of our sins and the things we do wrong, and He wipes them away.

Jesus doesn't want to be king of countries and armies, He wants to be the King of our hearts and our lives. He is the most wonderful King, the best kind of King, a King who wants to give us forgiveness, love, heaven, and eternal life with Him!

Let's thank God for sending Christ the King to us!

Dear God, thank you for being the kind of King who doesn't want gold and power and treasure, but a King who wants our hearts and love. Thank you for being a King who wants to give everything that is good to his people, and to us, his little children. Thank you for having Christ the King go to the cross for each one of us, to wash away our sins. And thank you for the home is preparing for us in heaven. Amen