Finding the Way
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Finding the Way"

Scripture Reading: John 14:1-14


Have the Bible verse John 14:6 written on card stock and cut in several pieces to create a puzzle and placed into envelopes for children to put together. After all of the children have completed their puzzles, have them read the verse out loud together!


Tell the children that they are to run and find something but the teacher won't tell the children what they are looking for. The children will be told, "You will know what they're looking for WHEN they find it, but if you can't find it, come to me and I will help you." When the children can't find the hidden object, they will return to the teacher and the teacher will lead them to the item they're looking for! Suggested ideas: A Bible with a book marker in John 14:6, or a Bible verse written on a book marker, or a piece of candy with the Bible verse wrapped around it, etc), children and teacher can sit down and talk about the Bible story today!


Have the children draw a squiggly line around a piece of paper and write today's Bible verse (John 14:6) on the squiggly line. Color in the little shapes where the lines come together for an "added effect" for their maze poster! For extra fun, have the children hand someone else their verse maze and see if they can read it and follow the verse along the lines!


Give the children a piece of construction paper and some very colorful neon markers (if available) to use their imaginations in drawing WAY, TRUTH, LIFE on their poster! Children can title their poster with JESUS IS THE WAY! Have the children recite the Bible verse when their poster is completed!


The teacher will prepare several different paths around the church or a designated area. These paths could be marked with different colored feet (a different color for each path) and at the end of each path would be a sign that says, "DEAD END." Then the teacher will tell the children to follow the RED FEET down a path that will end in a big sign that will say HEAVEN! Let children write their name on that HEAVEN SIGN when they reach that destination! The "red feet" can represent the blood of Jesus that washes our sins away!


Have the children work together to roll various colors of play dough to form the words, "WAY, TRUTH, LIFE". Ask the children a question about the story and when they answer, let them add a letter to the above word list until all the words are in place.


Divide the children into two teams. All the children on each team will take their shoes off and use the shoes to make a path to a special object that they will hide at the end of the path. After the paths have been made, the opposite team will walk the path and find the secret object that has something to do with our lesson today, such as a map, or compass, or a Bible.


Divide the children into teams or work together as a whole group to form a map around their designated area. Let children practice following their maps and discuss how hard it is to find an object or an area without a detailed map. The children will enjoy drawing the objects along a path....grass, trees, table, building, etc.


Give the children supplies to trace their feet and decorate them by writing words from today's lesson on them. They will then tape these cut out feet to form a "path" on a wall where others can see the feet path and words that tell today's story.


The teacher will give the children a map to follow in order to find their snack treat. The map might be a simple drawing of the classroom with a path marked which leads to a table with a bowl filled with cookies or small candy treats.


"I Have Decided to Follow Jesus"

Words and Music(pdf)

MP3 Piano Accompaniment - Right click and save to your computer. (Two measures introduction and sing two times through.)

Song: "Lead Me, Lord" by Samuel S. Wesley

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