Jesus Loves The Little Children Group
Group Activities

Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams & Charles Kirkpatrick

Sermon Title: "Jesus Loves the Little Children"

Scripture Reading: Mark 10:13-16

“CHILDREN AT JESUS’ FEET” GAME: Blind fold children and give them a magazine picture of a child. Tell the child to turn around 3 times and try to pin the child at Jesus’ feet picture on the poster board. Children will enjoy trying to pin all the childrens’ pictures at Jesus’ feet. After the game is over and everyone has had a turn, then let children move their picture around Jesus’ feet, if they were not close to his feet. The teacher can draw or cut out a picture of Jesus for the poster board. Write: LET THE CHILDREN COME.

BIBLE VERSE BALLOONS: Portions of the Bible verse can be written on small pieces of paper and stuck into a balloon and have the balloons blown up before class time. The children can each be given a balloon to POP, if desired, and share the part of their Bible verse from the balloon. Ask children what Jesus said about children, after sharing all the parts of the Bible verse.

CONE HAT: Give children card stock paper to cut into a square and roll the paper to form a CONE hat. Let children decorate their hats with stickers, glitter and write JESUS LOVES THE CHILDREN, etc on the cone hat and hole punch each side of the hat and tie a ribbon or string to place under the child’s neck.

HAND TRACING: Give supplies for children to trace their own hand on a piece of paper. Color the hand and write one word on each finger of the hand for JESUS LOVES ME VERY MUCH! If children want to cut out TWO tracings of their hands, they can tape the hands together and make a “hand” puppet, to tell our story today.

BIBLE DICE: Let children cut out heavy card stock paper and form into a box, to color and to write ideas from our Bible Story today. Children could also be given a white, small, square box to color, decorate and write ideas from our lesson today such as CHILDREN ARE WELCOME AT THE FEET OF JESUS, LET THE CHILDREN COME, JESUS LOVES THE CHILDREN, JESUS BLESSES THE CHILDREN, etc. Children will enjoy rolling the Bible dice and seeing what each other wrote and colored.

BAG PUPPETS: Let each child color and decorate a lunch bag, to resemble themselves. The mouth can be where the bag folds when the child puts his hand up inside of the lunch bag. Yarn can be glued to the top of the bag for the hair, etc. Have children color the bag like the color of their shirt and add REAL BUTTONS to the shirt. Encourage children to write their own names on the back of the bag. Add craft “eyes” or felt pieces for eyes, as well.

SANDWICH BOARDS: Give children 2 large pieces of poster board to decorate and color, adding words from our lesson today, as children desire. Hang the boards across the child’s shoulders to wear as a sandwich board and let children have a parade to other classrooms, if desired, to show that JESUS LOVES THE CHILDREN, or LET THE CHILDREN COME, or CHILDREN ARE WELCOME AT THE FEET OF JESUS!

PLACE CARDS: Give children a small card, that children can fold in half so that it will be able to stand. Children can write, JESUS LOVES _________________ and add happy face stickers. Encourage children to take these home and place by their dinner plate each day! If there is time, children could make one place card for each member of their family!

SHARE A SNACK: At the end of class, the teacher can show the children a cake table with some decorations around the table and a decorated cake with sprinkles, etc. The teacher can say, "LET THE CHILDREN COME", and have the children sit around a specially decorated table with balloons and a little small prize by each place setting, to enjoy their snacks together.

Song:  "Jesus Loves the Little Children"

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Song:  "Jesus Loves Me"

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Carol and her husband have served churches in Illinois, Minnesota, Mississippi, Michigan, and Indiana.  Carol loves to work with children so you will find her teaching in Junior Church and children's Sunday School.  She also has clowning ministry in which she is known as Bubbles tc (the clown).
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