Joseph and His Brothers
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Joseph and His Brothers"

Scripture Reading: Genesis 37:1-4, 12-28


Let children take turns drawing a large picture of JOSEPH on a poster board on the wall! Then let children glue long strips of colorful cloth on their JOSEPH picture. Let children tell what they know about JOSEPH and his dedication to his GOD!


Have children draw a large OUTLINE of JOSEPH on the chalkboard and then take turns being blindfolded and trying to pin a large COLORFUL coat onto Joseph! Each one to take a turn can share something good about Joseph in our story!


Let children stick a craft stick into a small styrofoam ball. The "ball" will be Joseph's head. Tape or Glue another craft stick across to make the "arms". Then add some colorful cloth or felt pieces to the man, "JOSEPH" to play act in a mini puppet show while teacher tells this lesson.


Give each child a piece of construction paper and let them draw JOSEPH and his coat. Give children small pieces of colorful cloth or felt to glue on as patches on his coat! Write today's Bible verse on this art!


Give children a drawing of a large coat and let them glue long strips of colorful cloth or felt or pieces of paper, (or even use various colors of markers). Write the Bible verse or phrases about today's lesson onto those strips of color!


The teacher will have two poster boards - one for each team. Draw a very large outline of a coat with stripes. Divide the class into 2 teams or more teams if needed for a large class. Children will run a relay to take turns in coloring ONE stripe with colored marker or crayon of his/her choice and then run back to the team for the next player to run to the coat (designated for their team and add another color to the next stripe until all of the stripes have been colored in, so make sure that you have enough stripes on the coat for each player to get an opportunity to color one stripe.


Give each child a long thin balloon to blow up or use a balloon pump for each child. Then children can twist the long blown up balloon to form a heart. Remember, practice makes perfect. It'll be fun for children to try and twist and shape their long balloon into a heart and remind them that we need to have thankful hearts so we don't have a problem with jealousy!


Let children go on a COLOR HUNT around a designated area to find strips of colored cloth. When they find a colored strip of cloth, the child will run back to the poster board on the classroom wall and will glue the strip of cloth to the board. Tell children to continue to hunt and glue strips to the board and try to FORM a coat with their many colors, so actually it will just be a large and long rectangle for the most part, with added strips for the arms of the coat. Some child may enjoy drawing a head with beard, etc, on the top of the coat when they are finished so they will have a picture of JOSEPH from our story today.


Provide each team member with a happy or a sad face cutout. Then each child will run when it is their turn on the team to the TWO FACES (for each team) that are labeled JEALOUS HEART and THANKFUL HEART. The child will quickly tape their happy or sad face on the correct "heart" and run back to their team for the next player to place his happy or sad face on the appropriate heart! Let children discuss what makes a jealous or thankful heart happy or sad.


Give children a sugar cookie or a gingerbread shaped cookie to decorate with several colors of frostings in strips or as children desire, as their snack today to remind them of today's story!


Have older children write as many words from the name JOSEPH as they possibly can. Share their ideas and how the words may pertain to Joseph and today's lesson! To make this easier, the teacher can add another word or two to go along with JOSEPH to give more letters for this fun project!

Song: "Jesus Loves the Little Children" by George F. Root

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