A Light-Bulb Moment


Either gradually or all at once, we can know for certain that Jesus is Lord.


3 Wise Men from a Nativity Scene, if available.


(Matthew 2:1-9)

A light bulb moment is a moment of sudden inspiration, revelation, or recognition. We may have seen a cartoon image of a light bulb lighting up above a character's head when he or she has an idea. Has this ever happened to you? When? (solicit responses from the children) Share with the children that sometimes an epiphany in life comes to us as a light bulb moment, much like the kind you may see on a cartoon when the cartoon character is turned on by a particular idea or new way of thinking.

Sometimes it takes a series of tiny sparks to shed some light on an issue not previously deemed relevant. And then there are the ' hit you over the head' zingers that blind you like a flood light. Take for instance the wise men as they journeyed to Bethlehem. The wise men reached Bethlehem about two years after the birth of Jesus. Jesus, Mary and Joseph were now in a house, not the stable. They were aware of the promised Messiah from their former leader, Daniel. Under Daniel’s leadership and influence, many of them had turned from their paganism to the worship of the true God. Their intention was to seek the Messiah, in order to worship Him. In worshiping the Messiah, the wise men made a prophecy of their own in their choice of gifts.

Gold: A gift for a king.

Frankincense: This is obviously an incense, the burning of which represents prayer. It is used by priests, and indicates the priestly nature of the Messiah.

Myrrh: A fragrant perfume, used in embalming bodies. The inclusion of this gift can be seen as prophetic of the death of the Messiah.

Our response should therefore be that of the wise men themselves: to worship the Messiah, Jesus Christ — our Prophet, Priest and King.

Closing: There is comfort in spending time well; comfort in accepting the fact that, for most of us getting older means getting better (and hopefully, walking even closer to our Lord, Jesus Christ. Even if it does take us a little longer to reach our goals, we succeed when we practice patience, wisdom and stamina. And that's a light bulb moment that shines bright for those who believe. Prayer: Father, help us to realize that you truly are God and help us to worship you with the kind of devotion that you deserve, not only on Sundays but all week long. Amen.

Adapted in part from a sermon by Paul Taylor Used by Permission

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