Mr. Potato Head Goes to Church


Jesus is at the center of all we do when we go to church.


Mr. Potato Head


None provided

This morning, I brought Mr. Potato Head to church with me. Did you know that he has never been to church? I thought today that we would tell him a little bit about church as we put him together.

• First, let’s put on the eyes. What will Mr. Potato Head see at church?

• Next, let’s put on the mouth. What will Mr. Potato Head use his mouth to do at church? What can Mr. Potato Head use his mouth to do after he leaves church? He can tell others about church and invite them to come with him.

• Next let’s put the ears on Mr. Potato Head. What will Mr. Potato Head hear at church? We hear singing, praying, and also preaching.

• Now, put on the hands. What do we use our hands to do at church? We shake hands with our friends at church, don’t we! Sometimes we put our hands together in prayer, too.

• Look, your Mr. Potato Head is finished! (Oops! We left off the nose.) The nose is the most important part. Mr. Potato Head’s nose goes in the center of his face. We should make sure that when we are at church, Jesus should be at the center. Everything we see, say, and hear in church is to learn about him and to worship him.

Let’s remember all the things we see, say, hear, and touch in church should be all about Jesus. Pray.