The Story of Job


The story of Job


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The book of Job

Do you know the story of Job? Job was a righteous man. He was a good and blameless man who pleased God. Job had a life of happiness and prosperity. He was a rich man, who had everything: good health, great family, house, servants, etc... But he lost it all, his money, his family, his belongings, all of it because of Satan. Job hadn’t done anything wrong, he hadn’t done anything to have deserved such sadness and loss. It wasn’t his fault. So how did it happen?

Well, let’s imagine that God and Satan are playing a chess game. First off, its God’s game. And God allows Satan to play the game. You are God’s “king” or “queen”. He also allows Satan to take away or to win some of the playing pieces: let’s say your “castle” or house, your “horse” or car, even some “pawns” or friends. But with each move that Satan makes, God counteracts with a better move, until God wins the game and he’s left holding you in his hand.

It’s not the “king” or “queen’s” fault that they’ve lost some of the pieces. There’s a much bigger picture, it’s who’s playing the game: God and Satan. We’re just a small part of that game. So whether bad or good things happen may not have anything to do with what we have done. It might just be something that God has done while playing the game to win in the end.

Let’s pray… Dear God, thank you so much for having me be your “king” or “queen”. I know Lord, that you have me in the palm of your hand and that no matter what happens in my life you will take care of me and protect me. And that sometimes when bad things happen it’s not my fault. Thank you Lord, we love you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.