Oil In My Lamp Group
Group Activities

Interactive Group Activities

by Carol Williams & Charles Kirkpatrick

Sermon Title: "Give Me Oil in My Lamp"

Scripture Reading: Matthew 25:1-13

FLASHLIGHT LEADING: A "flashlight leader" will shine the flashlight on a designated floor space and the children (all at once or one at a time) will FOLLOW wherever the light goes! The children will have to WATCH CAREFULLY because the light will continually move in different directions! If time allows, let all the children have an opportunity to use the flashlight to lead their classmates in various places! Let children sit in a circle at the end of this game as you tell today's story!

FLASHLIGHT SPOTLIGHT: After telling today's Bible story, have answers to questions about the story taped to the walls in a large designated area. Let the children shine their flashlights on the answers on the wall as the teacher asks questions about today's lesson! If there are not enough flashlights for all the children to have one for this game, then one or two children, at a time, could flash the lights on the Bible answers and take turns! The children could also be divided into two teams and a child from each team could answer a question and then go to the next team member.

FLASHLIGHT BATTERY RELAY: Divide the children into two teams ,or more. depending on how many children you have. The children will run to a line and place the batteries in the flashlight in the correct way and shine the light on their team mates. After succeeding in getting the batteries in the correct way and shining the light, they will take the batteries OUT of the flashlight and run back to their team. Each team player will take their turn until everyone has had a turn to SHINE the light. The children will have to WATCH to make sure the batteries are in correctly in order to SHINE!

FLASHLIGHT DARKROOM FUN: If it is possible to darken the room, let the children hunt for pennies or even words on slips of paper from our Bible verse while the teacher uses a flashlight to shine in various places on the floor. If there are enough flashlights available for each child to have one, that is fun as well.

TRUST AND FOLLOW BOOK MARKER: Give the children supplies to make and decorate a Bible book marker for TRUST and FOLLOW, or WATCH AND BE READY. The children can draw little "feet" for the "trust and follow" or could draw "eyes" for the Watch and Be Ready bookmaker.

BE READY!: This game is similar to "Green Light, Red Light." The children will stand on a line. The teacher will say, "BE READY!" Then, when she says, "GO!" the children will walk quickly until the teacher says, "Stop!" When the teacher again says, "BE READY!" and "GO!" the children will walk quickly again! When all the children have reached the "finish line" the game is over.

BE READY WALL HANGING: Let the children decorate a long wall hanging with BE READY and add words for READ GOD'S WORD, DO WHAT IT SAYS AND PUT OUR TRUST IN HIM! Children can add a border,and use string or yarn to hang the banner.

FLASHLIGHT or OIL LAMP PICTURE VERSE: Let the children draw or cut out a picture of a flashlight or an oil lamp and write today's Bible verse on the light. Children can hang this around their neck by a piece of yarn!

OIL LAMP LIGHTING: IF oil lamps are available, the teacher could have these on the table or around the room to light the classroom today during the lesson, rather than the normal lights that are usually used. Ask the children why we are using oil lamps today and discuss the story once again!

BE READY TREATS: At the end of class, tell children to BE READY FOR TREATS! When the teacher says GO, children can walk to a treats basket or to a designated area and get a cupcake or a candy treat to

Song:  "Give Me Oil in My Lamp"

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Song:  "This Little Light of Mine"

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