Recharging Our Batteries
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Recharging Our Batteries "

Scripture Reading:Mark 1:29-39


Let children sit in a circle and throw a beach ball to each other. Each time a child catches the ball, he should say something to PRAY about and then throw the ball to someone else. Encourage children to think ahead of time of very specific prayer requests.


Give children a tennis ball and stand outside and throw the ball against the building and everytime the ball bounces off the wall and back to the child, they can shout out something to PRAY for.


Give children alot of various colors of wooden or plastic building blocks and let children BUILD a prayer tower of blocks!! With each block, encourage children to name people to pray for, such a family members' names, children in their school classroom, teachers, neighbors, etc. When their TOWER falls down, let children know that things fall apart when we do NOT pray!!


Give children paper and magazine pictures to glue to their "collage page" of things to pray about (such as pictures of food, people, houses, school, weather, etc). Let children then tape or glue a large colorful CROSS on the top of all the pictures of the collage. Write PRAY on the cross.


Let children make a "prayer chain" out of strips of paper to make loops to hook together. Write all the things that they can think of (one idea on each loop) to pray about or people's names. Hang the PRAYER CHAIN around the classroom and PRAY TOGETHER as a class.


Give children a bookmark size piece of construction paper. Let children use various colors of markers to write names of people and ideas for Prayer and use a bright marker for PRAYER EVERY DAY. Provide children with clear contact paper to cover their bookmarker to place in their Bibles as a reminder to PRAY! Add a ribbon at the top if desired!


Give children a small box to cover with construction or wrapping paper. Cut a small slit in the top for children to put colored recipe cards with PRAYER REQUESTS and ways to WORSHIP and BIBLE VERSES for Bible Study, into the box. Children can decorate the outside of the box's paper with stickers and PRAY EVERY DAY!


Let children choose a treat from the "treat box" and take that treat to another classmate and as they share their treat, encourage children to tell each other that "I'LL PRAY FOR YOU THIS WEEK". Make sure that all children get more than one treat. Encourage children to remember to PRAY for each other and for their teacher!!


Whisper a Prayer in the Morning; or let children make up their OWN "Prayer" song, to the tune of a song that they already know! (Example: To the tune of Row, Row, row your Boat.... "pray, pray, pray today, praying all day long, Jesus will answer each prayer we pray and then we'll sing His song", etc.

Song: "Whisper A Prayer"

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