A Fool and His Money


Jesus warns against selfishness and greed.


Jumbo marshmallows - 3 per child; napkins; a timer


Luke 12:13-21

Children's Sermon: A Fool and His Money (Luke 12:13-21)

I have something for each of you today! (Hold up the jumbo marshmallows.) That’s right, each of you are going to get a marshmallow. But do you know what’s better than one marshmallow? How about THREE? Here’s the catch. I’m going to give you one marshmallow now, then set a timer for five minutes. You’re welcome to eat your marshmallow, BUT, if you can wait the full five minutes without eating your first marshmallow, I’m going to give you TWO more marshmallows! If you eat your first marshmallow before time is up, that’s the only one you’ll get. (Pass out the marshmallows and set the timer for five minutes. When the timer goes off, give each child who did not eat their marshmallow, two more marshmallows.) 

  • Was it easy or hard to wait for the extra marshmallows?

  • Would you rather have one marshmallow or three?

We often believe that having more of something is better than having less. For example, most of us would have rather had three marshmallows than just one, right? But some people get this very wrong. They go through life trying to collect more money, more possessions, and more of the things they believe will make them happy. But having more of something isn’t what brings us true happiness. True happiness can only be found in Jesus. 

Jesus warned against this. He said, "Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions." Then He told the story of a man whose land had produced so much grain that he had no place to store it. Even though he had plenty, he wanted more, so he decided to tear down his barns and build even bigger ones. Jesus said the man was a fool, for when his life was over, he would leave everything behind. He would leave this world with nothing. (Luke 12:15-21)

God has promised to supply all of our needs, but He has not promised to fulfill every selfish wish. "Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed." (Luke 12:15)

Dear Father, help us to be content with the blessings which You so generously give us and help us to be on guard against selfishness and greed. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.