A Prophet in His Own Land


Jesus was not honored in his home town




Mark 6:1-13

Jesus went to his hometown, Nazareth, and his disciples followed him. Then Jesus went to the synagogue and began to teach. The people started to talk among themselves. "How did he get this power and wisdom? Why can he do these miracles? Isn't he carpenter's son? We know his brothers and sisters.".

The people were angry and wouldn't listen to Jesus. Maybe they were jealous that someone they knew had power they didn't have. Sometimes your family and friends don't always think what you are doing is important or special. Jesus was surprised that they wouldn't listen to him. He couldn't do his miracles there and he sent his disciples out to share God's message in other places.

Sometimes people in a church are like the people in Jesus's hometown. We forget that God has all the power. We don't always trust God to guide us. We don't admit that we need healing and changes in the ways we have always done things. God wants us to stop worrying about our pride, forget old hurts and disagreements, and be open to new ideas. God can use the challenges a church may face to help us understand that we should rely on God's power and trust in his grace. When we trust in God's power, amazing things can happen and God can work through us do things that none of us can do alone.

Let's pray: Dear God, please help remember that you have the power and grace to help us when we trust in your love and grace. Amen.